Vignettes from the B-fest

Vignettes from the B-fest

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Away from the humdrum of a usual B-school fest, students slugged it out – not just in quizzes and case studies-- on numerous creative platforms at Erabrations 2014.

The two-day annual fest at Era Business School resonated with the theme of International Women’s Day as it emphasised upon the importance of women empowerment. Abu­zz with students from across Delhi and the National Capital Region, the campus was brimming with energy as participants from different stre­ams converged to display the­ir physical strength in com­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­p- ­­­e­­titions like dodging the ball, arm wrestling and tug of war and their creative side in nukkad natak, graffiti and face painting.

Touching upon themes like women’s security and the futuristic scenario in the country, a myriad social issues we­re addressed through events like nukkad natak and graffiti painting. Blending their creative instincts with their mental aptitude at this cultural ex­­­­­­t­ravaganza, students from various institutes and colle­ges like Zakir Husain College (Delhi University); IIPM, Ma­n­­agement Education & Research Institute (MERI), Bha­ratiya Vidyapith, Birla In­­­­­­­­­­­­­­s­­­­­­­tit- ute of Management & Technology, and Army Institute of Management & Technology showcased their talents.

The main attraction of the two-day fest was ‘Quarterthon’, a 10.5km race around Dwarka to highlight the cause of women empowerment. On the occasion,
Dr Sanjiv Marwah, director of Era Business School said, “It is important for us to support and encourage women in eve­ry aspect. Women from every sector have made us proud in the international arena. Public perception and attitude ab­o­­ut girls must change as wo­m­en play an important role in creating equitability in society and nation building”. From eloquent debates inside the auditoriums to the highly-charged atmosphere out in the field, the fest provided a platform for the students to express their opinions, interact with other young minds and exchange ideas through a series of thought-provoking and stimulating activities.