A splash of colours on canvas

A splash of colours on canvas

Painting exhibition

A splash of colours on canvas

Life is a vast array of colours that present an aura of emotions, but it is only imagination that drives artists to present this in ways that often perplex the common viewer. And when artists with different ways of looking at their environs, come together, the result has to be something pleasing to the eye as well as satisfying to the soul.

The Shree Yash Art Gallery recently presented a painting exhibition ‘Aura ‘n’ Array of Colors’ that had no less that 13 established and upcoming artists participating.

Each of the 13 artists provided his/her own interpretation of life with a vibrant splash of emotions and hues. The harmonious blend of contemporary and modern styles of paintings impressed many.

Savita Agrawal, curator, Shree Yash Art Gallery, on this occasion said, “This gallery is dedicated to giving a platform to upcoming artists.

Ranak Mann, age 21, is the youngest of all the artists and VS Rahi is the senior most and his paintings are over 50 years old. His paintings are the most difficult to accomplish as these are wash paintings and if you learn this technique then you have the learnt the fine nuances of art. All the artists are from different parts of the country. We are proud to present ‘Aura ‘n’ Array.’"

Each of the participating artists displayed a distinctive style of his own. While Dr RC Bhawsar’s landscapes had purity about them as if in conversation with the super power, Dr SD Shrotriya portrayed beautiful scenes ranging from the high Himalayas to the spiritual Banaras ghats.

VS Rahi, the veteran, made an impression with his forceful lines while Harish Kumar’s paintings caught the eye with their unique texture.

Prithvi Soni’s work brought the women of North India and the culture here alive on his canvas while Manjit Singh’s contemporary work quizzed the viewer on its various interpretations.

Mamta Singh showed her concern for social causes. Bhawna Bhanot created a splendid blend of ink and acrylic. Nand Thakur’s powerful colours spun their own story and Aarti Zaveri reflected an artistic obsession with time.

Ranak Mann, a traveller, connected his work to people and Madan Lal’s use of colours created a mystery of its own.

Savita Agrawal with her wash paintings was a league apart.