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The game is not up yet!


The game is not up yet!

It’s a known fact that youngsters can’t do without their mobile phones. But nowadays, they aren’t messaging or even talking! In fact, most of them are playing games on their phones.

Many games can be downloaded easily on the phone and avid gamers feel that they are not just a lot of fun but quite addictive too. Different games like ‘Angry Birds’, ‘Temple Run’, ‘Flappy Birds’, ‘Candy Crush’, ‘8 Ball Pool’, ‘Asphalt 8 Airborne’ etc are now being played by people of all ages.

These are easy and can be played anywhere at anytime. Students note that though mobile games are a huge distraction, they often end up spending a lot of time playing them as they are readily available.

While for some, playing games is instinctive, for others, it is an ‘acquired taste’.

Devising strategy
Saruna Prasad, first-year arts, Jain College, JC Road, says that playing these games helps one draw a strategy and be more focussed. “Most games require a strategy. So the players need to be extremely focussed. ‘Temple Run’ and car racing games need almost 100 per cent attention and increase our agility,” she explains.

Strained eyes
Umme Sarah, second-year fashion designing, Oxford College of Science, likes playing ‘Candy Crush’ and feels that one has to be attentive while playing it. “Some of these games are no-brainers but most of them require one to be extremely agile and prompt. Missing one step could cost one a point. I feel refreshed after playing a round but it does take a toll on my eyes,” she notes.

Varied choices
Rohit Suchanti, second-year, Oxford College of Management, notes that there are new games every now and then and players have a lot to choose from. “Almost every week, there are new games. While Apple has some of the best games, Android games are free and easy. Also, these games can be updated frequently and can be played by two or three people at the same time from different mobiles,” he says.

Low battery
Abbe Dubois, final-year, Oxford College of Arts, points out that some games take a lot of memory on the phone and also use a lot of battery. “Android phones are always low on charge and a lot of battery gets used while playing some of these games. However, these games are a saviour when one is travelling or has no company,” he says.

Constant distraction
Kaveri Khandige first-year PUC, Jain College, JC Road, says that these games are very addictive. “It is difficult to put down the phone especially during exams. I try very hard to stay away from them and concentrate on academics,” she says.

Drawing a line
Faisal Pasha, second-year PUC, ABMS, Jain College, Jayanagar, says that he is almost addicted to FIFA and ‘NFS Most Wanted’ and often plays them in his free time. “I love playing these games and am so into them that I almost overlook all the other things happening around me. Though they are a great source of entertainment, one has to draw a line and stop when required. A lot of these games, which were available on PlayStations earlier, have mobile versions now,” he notes.