Cubbon walkers cry hoarse over bamboo cutting

Cubbon walkers cry hoarse over bamboo cutting

The Cubbon Park Walkers’ Association and Horticulture Department are at loggerheads over cutting of dried and overgrown bamboo trees, which began about five days ago.

Association members alleged that over four truckloads of bamboo trees were carted away from the 192-acre park in the last few days and that the Horticulture Department had not invited tenders for the work.

The chopped trees, they claimed, were worth Rs 4-5 lakh.  Association president S Umesh said that when trees are cut, no department officials were present and it was being done carelessly.

However, Horticulture Department Deputy Director Mahantesh Murugod said: “Every year, during summer, we cut trees as most of them are dried. We invited tenders and received approval from the Director of Horticulture Department, D L Maheswar.

There are a total of five workers from Lalbagh involved in chopping dried branches, dead and fallen trees. It is not necessary we have to inform the association as they are not government employees.”
Department officials said chopped and dried branches of bamboo trees would be used for flower shows at Lalbagh. “We can use them for 10,000 to 15,000 flower pots to decorate,” Murugod said.

Association members, however, are planning to approach Maheswar and seek tender details.