Headbanging to heavy metal

Headbanging to heavy metal

Different beats

Headbanging to heavy metal

An evening dedicated to the metal genre featuring six different bands was held at the ‘Garage Jam’ at Sonido Musicals recently. Featuring a thrash band from another city for the first time, this edition of ‘Garage Jam’ was special.

The bands that were featured included ‘High Frequency’, a black metal band from Varanasi, groove metal band ‘Quarantine’, old school thrash band ‘DEAF’, heavy metal band ‘Fantom’, a metal core band ‘Among the Signs’ and ‘Desecration Winds’.

The performances saw the audience going into a frenzy, dancing and headbanging to the different beats.The different bands performed groovy numbers, some originals and some covers. Most of the audience had assembled to listen to ‘High Frequency’ as they were popular for their unique style. 

The band performed four originals that included ‘Crusades’, ‘Jewish Blood’, ‘Euthanasia’ and ‘Rotten’ and a cover song ‘Behemoth’. Commenting on the experience, Lakshya Singh, the vocalist said, “This was one of our biggest performances at a small venue. It was fun to see the different music fans in Bangalore and we saw a very energetic crowd.”

The band ‘DEAF’ played three originals, which included crowd’s favourite ‘Violence for Peace’, a song dedicated to the late guitarist of ‘Slayer’ and also to all the soldiers fighting for our safety on the borders. The other two originals performed included ‘Deaf Nation’ and ‘Deceive’ apart from a few covers. Rohit Warloc, the drummer of the band said that the ‘Garage Jam’ experience was always insane.

“There is so much energy and dedication in the crowd that one doesn’t feel like stopping the performance. And it’s also a place where different bands can meet up, talk and spend time,” he said.

This was followed by a gig by ‘Among The Signs’, which performed three original compositions and a cover. “It was a pretty amazing experience. It’s always nice to play in a garage and irrespective of how good or bad the gig is, every performance gives us a wider reach. This opportunity helped us to meet a lot of new people,” said Aditya. The crowd was hyperactive and cheered wildly for more. Paul Bora, a freelance photographer, said that the gig was one of the best he had been to. “I have seen many bands perform but never seen such hardcore metalheads.

Most of the bands are just namesakes, but this felt like an authentic performance. Standing and listening to the music has a different feeling altogether and the bands were awesome,” he said.

Harsha Vardhan, an engineering student, who also manages a band, said that he had been to a few ‘Garage Jam’ gigs earlier but this was one of the most interesting ones. “The music was very different. I came primarily because ‘High Frequency’ was playing and I had heard a lot about the band. To get a chance to hear them perform live and to interact with them was a learning experience,” he said.