As funky as it gets

As funky as it gets

Ballerina Shoes

As funky as it gets

Ballerina shoes are one of the most popular and fashionable kinds of footwear that are doing the rounds in the market now. Almost everyone is seen sporting them as they look good with any kind of attire, be it casual or formal. Available in funky colours, vivid prints, different types of materials and brands, these have many variants in shops across the City.

“The best part about these shoes is that they are inexpensive and available in local stores, small shops and big shoe showrooms. While earlier, ballerina shoes were available in neutral colours like black or white, today they come in a whole range of colours. Some of the materials that they use now is very interesting.

I had spotted a pair of peep-toe ballerina shoes at Brigade Road which were made with good quality plastic. One of them was in cherry red and looked great. I ended up buying them. They look very nice when worn with anything especially ankle- length trousers,” says Esther, a student.
These shoes are spotted not only on college-goers but also young professionals who often team them with formal trousers and shirts and with trousers and kurtas. Nanditha, a professional, says that she often clubs leggings with different types of ballerina shoes and they look quite stylish. “I try and match my ballerina shoes with the attire that I am wearing.

As they are pretty cheap and available in plenty of colours and designs, we can mix and match them with our clothes. I like wearing brighter and bolder colours. Sometimes, I also wear floral prints as they go well with solid and light colours.”

Many note that though fashion keeps changing and many other trends have made their way into the market, the popularity of ballerina shoes have not abated and they are still as popular as they were around a year back.

“In fact, I think that they are more popular now thanks to all the brands adding their own touch to them. Ballerina shoes were quite unpopular when I was growing up and most of us used to wear it to school but now it’s a fad and every girl has them in their closet. What I like best about themis the fact that they are mostly flat and very comfortable,” says Rene, a student.

These shoes are available in different shops in Commercial Street, Tibetan Shopping Center on Rest House Road and Brigade Road apart from a host of brands which sell them. “Ballerina shoes have been in fashion for almost two years now.

They are very popular as they are available in an affordable range and can be teamed up with skirts, trousers, pair of denims etc,” says Pooja, a shopkeeper at Tibetan Shopping Center.