Goan panoramic murals

Goan panoramic murals


Goan panoramic murals

An intricate formation of stories colliding with daily episodes finds representation as murals on the walls of hotels, guest houses and railway stations in the festive and restful state of Goa. Upon first glance, evidence that these murals perfectly imbibe the Catholic and Hindu spirit of the place comes forth.

Wired to the emotions and sentiments of the locals and their flourishing acculturation, these paintings effectively depict the diaspora within Goa.

Sometimes blending into the background and sometimes emerging out gracefully to give onlookers a fresh sampling of the spirit of the place, these murals represent people (both the locals and outsiders), their clothing and mannerisms.

Also on artistic display are buildings (churches, cathedrals, huts, homes), beach life and historical legacy of Goa as anecdotes.

Goa is home to the legendary cartoonist and illustrator, Mario Miranda. And his works and caricatures have been reproduced as murals across the state. 

Infusing colour and story-like performances on plain walls, his animating ensembles enrich their surroundings with fervour.

Some can be found on the walls of Madgaon Railway station, and others can be encountered on the walls of hotels, cafes, clubs, central markets and certain college campuses.

Such re-creations, which subtly announce the influence of foreign meanderings into the fabric of wholesome Indian ethnicity, bring about modern and contemporary revelations.

Artist Trinidade’s engaging works can be found on the walls of Casa De Povo, a community hall. Several hotels, too, display varying themes and occupying renditions of Goan flavour, like the mural depicting the arrival of the Portuguese in Goa, in Hotel Mandovi, Panaji, and some alluring paintings-on-walls in Mandala House, Mandrem.

St Monica and St Francis of Assisi’s murals allude to an amalgamation of Indian and Western ingredients. They leave one with narrations and memories derived from a rich heritage.

Looking up specific places in Goa where one could see these creations should be the first step before travelling to the place. These sublime works of art infuse Goa with humour.

They are maintained by the establishments that house them. Whatever remains of these murals reflect the authentic heart of Goa very beautifully.