'We are confident about the outcome'

'We are confident about the outcome'

Delayed project

'We are confident about the outcome'

Popular comedian Komal, whose film Karodpathi released last Friday, is quite confident about how it will fare at the box office.

The film was supposed to release at the end of last year but it got delayed. However, the actor, who made his debut as a singer in the film tells Metrolife that his only worry is that the film’s performance at the box office may get affected by the ongoing exams and cricket matches.

While there was a buzz that the movie was delayed because of its similarity to ‘Director’s Special’, directed by Guruprasad, Komal dismisses the rumours saying, “That’s not true. Some financial issues cropped up and that’s why the film was delayed.” One of the songs of the film titled Sarasake Bare Sarala has received almost 8.5 lakh views on YouTube.

Regarding this, Komal says, “The expectations are high due to which, the team’s hopes are high too. We have done our best and are confident about the outcome. I’m just hoping that the film does well in spite of the ongoing exams and cricket matches.”

Sharing one of his experiences from the shooting of the film, Komal says, “I always have people around me laughing every time I say my dialogues. But for Karodpathi, we had to shoot a scene in a graveyard. I was taken aback when people around me had tears in their eyes. It was such a different experience.”

Narrating his experience as a first-time singer, Komal says, “So far, Sannu Single Ok has got 50,000 views. That’s a good start for a first-time singer.”

According to Komal, the film has been released in more than 150 theatres across the State. “The film is going to have a wide reach as it has been released in so many theatres. Usually, a film is released in only 75 to 100 theatres. The first three days of any release are crucial as that’s when one gets to know the outcome. But I’m hoping that it will be one of the blockbusters of the year,” says Komal.

The actor, who is getting ready for the release of ‘Goa’, says that his other project titled ‘Director Komal’ will take some more time. “The lead actress of the film is yet to be finalised. But I have my hands full since I have also signed a Tamil film,” he signs off.