Keeping warm in style

Clothes in layered pattern, turtle necks, sweat shirts and pull-overs are in fashion this winter

Keeping warm in style

 So it is very important to choose winter clothes wisely in order to feel comfortable and stay healthy. Here are some simple points on what can be worn during the winter season :

*  The most important point, which one has to follow during winters, is to wear clothes in a layered pattern.
*  Before using your winter clothes, make sure you dust them and expose them to fresh air for a day.
*  The clothes should not be very tight or loose. Tight clothes do not keep the body warm and clothes, which are loose, allow warm air to escape from the body very easily.  
*  Sweaters with turtle necks and sweat shirts are two things that are commonly worn by both men and women during the season. They are also a hot favourite during winters.
*  Pull-overs worn with collared shirts or tee shirts give a smart look to the men and a chic look to the women.  
*  Denim and leather jackets can be used as they look very good.
*  Men can also wear cardigans with buttons.
*  Woollen shawls help keep one warm and are quite popular among women for their traditional and modern designs.
*  Girls can wear sweaters which have full, half or semi sleeves. Even sleeveless sweaters look stylish.
*  Waist coats are also gaining prominence among women nowadays.
*  Knitted woollen sweaters are other favourites among both men and women during this season.

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