Honda set to return to F1 in 2015

After a seven-year hiatus, Honda Motor Co is  returning to the F1 circuits next year, resolving to win more races - and learn how to build "greener" cars.

Honda is particularly aiming to turn exhaust gas that is mostly wasted in F1 or conventional cars into energy. It is technology that Honda's F1 chief, Yasuhisa Arai, says could give Honda an edge with its mass-market cars.

Cynics aren't buying the argument that Honda wants to use the F1 as a technology incubator. They say Honda is trying to redeem its name after being a dud on the F1 circuits from 2000 to 2008, when it quit the world's premier motor sport.

Arai doesn't necessarily disagree with that. He says Honda wants to be as successful as it was in the late 1980s when McLaren-Honda cars, driven by the late Brazilian triple champion Ayrton Senna and French four-time champ Alain Prost, dominated the sport. In 1988, Senna and Prost together won 15 of the 16 GPs.

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