Murthy still in race for US Surgeon General

Murthy still in race for US Surgeon General

The US today rejected reports that it is abandoning the nomination of Indian-American Vivek Murthy as Surgeon General, saying his name was approved with bipartisan support.

"No", White House Press Secretary Jay Carney said when asked if the Obama Administration has abandoned its nominee for Surgeon general for the United States.

Murthy has been facing problems in the US Senate for his confirmation for his strong views against the gun culture.

"Dr Murthy is a dynamic, entrepreneurial practitioner who had dedicated a lot of time, energy and passion to health and wellness," Carney said.

"As Surgeon General, he will be a powerful messenger on these issues in each of the tenets of health:  nutrition, activity and resilience. Dr Murthy, as you know, was approved out of committee with bipartisan support," he said.

Carney did acknowledge that the White House is recalibrating the strategy around Murthy's floor vote.

"We expect him to get confirmed ultimately and be one of the country's most powerful messengers on health and wellness," he said.

"So we're recalibrating our approach, but in answer to your question, no," the White House Press Secretary said. 

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