Cong to woo 'victims' of Kejri's Bijli Andolan

Cong to woo 'victims' of Kejri's Bijli Andolan

The Delhi Congress on Wednesday asked former chief minister Arvind Kejriwal to apologise to 24,000 people who participated in his Bijli Andolan in 2012.

On Tuesday, the Delhi government told the Delhi High Court that it has no money to subsidise pending bills of Kejriwal’s power crusaders. Congress is planning to woo the 24,000 defaulters.

“The Congress will take out the list of these subscribers and our workers will contact them, and expose each and every lie of Kejriwal. A large number of people were coming to the DPCC office with power bill complaints, and they were directly blaming Kejriwal for their plight,” Delhi Congress spokesperson Mukesh Sharma said.

“Kejriwal cheated the people of Delhi. When he was campaigning against Congress, he asked people to commit a crime and not pay the electricity bills and lured them with waiving 50 per cent of their bill. But now it has been declared by Delhi government officials that there is no money to subsidise the pending bills,” Sharma added.

Congress has always maintained that Kejriwal is lying on the issue of power tariff and now AAP’s lies are being exposed in court, he added.

“I would like to ask voters and power consumers of Delhi that they should raise this question to the AAP candidates in the parliamentary elections,” he said. The Congress leaders came forward in sympathy of Kejriwal’s supporters as they smelt the reason of their defeat as heavy power tariff, water tariff and inflation. The party had faced a crushing defeat in the last Assembly elections and it managed to win only eight seats in the 70 seat Assembly.