Making an impression with confidence

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Making an impression  with confidence

The auditions of the singers for ‘Idea Rocks India — Season 6’ happened at GM Rejoyz, Malleswaram recently. The venue was flooded not just with participants but their family and friends as well who waited outside

While the participants sang Bollywood, other film numbers and melodic tunes, the judges — Ranjith Samuel of Bangalore Music Institute and Manish Nath of Taal Institute of Music and Arts — judged the students on voice control, presentation style and confidence.

Those who came to the auditions considered this as a learning experience and were excited

Many also saw this platform as a good place to interact with other singers.

Praveen Gautam, an MTech student, had come to visit his family when he heard about this competition and sent an entry in.

“I didn’t expect to be selected but now that I’m here, I’m hoping to gain more support and encouragement from this platform. I’ve been a professional singer since my seventh grade,” he detailed. 

Praveen added that this platform was different as there was no big prize money involved but a once-in-lifetime opportunity to sing with a professional singer.

A final-year student with MS Engineering College, Kavya CG, who is trained in classical singing had taken part in many competitions and she said that she found many talented competitors at the venue.

“The coordinators made us feel right at home. I sang bhave geethe and despite being nervous in the beginning, the experience was good,” she said.

One of the finalists, Abhishek, who is a team leader at an animation company, said that he sang Ninnindale and Damadam Mast Kalandar for the audition.

“I didn’t expect the call and I’m excited about the whole audition. The experience was an exciting one,” he said.

The judges were deeply impressed by the talent at the audition. Ranjith said that most of the participants were confident and had great voice control. 

“There are a lot of talented participants and it was a hard task to decide on the winners.
There’s good talent out there,” he said.

Five winners were chosen at the audition. 

The final contestant Vasundhara Shiva Kumar, who was chosen from these five, performed with Mika at Supernova Arena and Convention Centre.

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