Actor Paresh Rawal interacts with 'fans'

Actor Paresh Rawal interacts with 'fans'

Actor Paresh Rawal interacts with 'fans'

Paresh Rawal may have basked in the limelight after his performances in Bollywood blockbusters like Oh My God and Hera Pheri, but the BJP’s Eastern Ahmedabad candidate is still trying to accustom himself to being garlanded and greeted by throngs of supporters.

Catering to a constituency that is a BJP stronghold, Rawal is not holding as many public meetings as other leaders.

The political novice seems to have the added advantage of garnering support in the shape of his fans.

 When out on a road show in an open jeep, supporters come in flocks hoping to hear dialogues from Rawal’s films like Oh My God, which caught the fancy of people for its practicality.

Rawal finds himself waving to scores of people who are out in spite of the scorching heat, asking for a picture with him or a shake of his hand.

“We know if he had come to promote his film we would have never got a chance to get near him. But now, as the BJP candidate, when he is on a door-to-door campaign or on road shows, he is paying attention to us and even accepting lemon juice from us,’’ said Vikram Shah, who was following Rawal during his road show.

On Wednesday, the actor-turned-politician attended an event organised by the women’s wing of the BJP. Stepping out of Bollywood into the political arena for the first time, Rawal seems to have chosen conciseness over his talkative film star persona.

Speaking to the gathering, Rawal kept it short and said: “This is a party of nationalists, for whom the nation comes first and I want to ensure that Narendra Modi becomes the prime minister. So, vote for me to see him in Delhi.’’