Sex workers being harassed by police, says PUCL

Sex workers being harassed by police, says PUCL

Peoples Union for Civil Liberties (PUCL) has in a complaint with Karnataka State Human Rights Commission (SHRC) alleged that sex workers  around K G Road, Majestic, Upparpet and surrounding areas are being subjected to violence and harassment by the police.

SHRC Commission Member C G Hunagund, taking cognisance of the complaint, has directed Commission’s Inspector General of Police to probe and submit a report by April 23. 

SHRC has also taken note of September 30, 2004 order issued by DG and IG which mentions that provisions of Immoral Traffic (Prevention) Act should be used against agents and facilitators of sexual exploitation of women and children, and not against sex workers themselves. PUCL, had in its complaint on February 6, 2014, describing the violence against sex workers, stated that women were allegedly beaten up for standing on road and, forced to go to police station, compelling them to pay money failing which they were threatened with false cases. 

Further, compliant said the police have been allegedly indulging in acts like causing public humiliation and embarrassment to women by shouting at them on loudspeakers when they walk on road and pushing them aside and beating them using derogatory language with them. 

The police have also been taking photographs both in public and in police station and threatening to broadcast it on TV channels, PUCL alleged.