Sweat it out, in style

Sweat it out, in style


Sweat it out, in style
With summer kicking in it’s time to give your lethargic self a real shake-up! The excuse that ‘it’s too cold to step out of the duvet’ will not work anymore. 

Making exercises a part of your regime might just help to cut down on the calories you lavishly absorbed last winter. 

And if the blaring music and the usual gym workouts do not excite you enough to hit the gym, there are other exciting ways to get your exercising regime started! 

Aptly summarising a traditional gym-like setup, Cristiana Pipoli, the aqua aerobics trainer at Jaypee Vasant Continental, says, “Many people just find the environment of the gym intimidating and most of the time boring. 

But, be it for muscle building or losing weight, exercising is a must for all.” 

With that caution, she adds, “To entice people towards exercising in summers, aqua aerobics can work wonders as it is an entertaining regime, which is not made just for ‘working out’ in the traditional sense.” 

So how does it work?

“Simply treading water vigorously burns almost 11 calories a minute and, water's continuous resistance forces you to engage more muscle fibres through a larger range of motion. 

Water exercises burn more than land exercises, but in the end it seems as if you were playing.” 

Combining the rhythm of Zumba, stylish dance workout sessions, and body balancing through yoga, Manisha Ahlawat, managing director at Viva Fit promises an exhilarating workout experience. 
“Since in summers you do not want to sweat a lot, all our workouts are restricted to 30 minutes only. When it is too hot to sweat it out, a workout like pilates leaves a calming effect on your body and tones your muscles.”

To add to that thought, Madhav, co-founder KIPA Dance Academy, recommends dance-based exercises, “Salsa involves a set of movements of the feet and torso without actually too much straining or stretching. Also, it is believed that dance works as a fantastic therapy. People these days prefer a combination. So for the dance training, we expertly combine it with yoga and pilates. Dance forms like ballroom can be refreshing, calorie reducing, and also get you socially recharged.”

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