BJP offered me Rae Bareli seat, that too very late, says Swamy

BJP offered me Rae Bareli seat, that too very late, says Swamy

BJP offered me Rae Bareli seat, that too very late, says Swamy

Senior BJP leader Subramanian Swamy today said here that he had refused to contest Lok Sabha elections because the party had offered him a ticket from Rae Bareli, that too very late.

"I refused because I was given a ticket for Rae Bareli, and that too very late. If I was given the ticket in January, I would have accepted, since I could have done my preparations," Swamy told reporters here.

Asked about why there was a delay in selecting a seat for him, Swamy asked reporters to pose that question to BJP leader Amit Shah, who is the in-charge of Uttar Pradesh.

"To know the right answer about my ticket related matter, you should ask Amit Shah," Swamy said, with a smile on his face, clarifying that he is not at all unhappy with the turn of events.

"I am not at all unhappy. I will contest some other election," Swamy said.

He alleged that Congress leaders from Indira Gandhi to Rahul Gandhi hid crucial information about their past lives and education.

"I am not against the Congress party, since I respect leaders like Morarji Desai and Narsimha Rao. I am against the Gandhi-Nehru family. Just like Rajiv Gandhi, Sonia and Rahul also gave false information about their past lives and education," Swamy said.Commenting on today's sting operation by Cobrapost website exposing those behind the demolition of Babri Masjid, Swamy said that the website was just a pawn.

"Videotapes released today were recorded before 1992. So, I question the validity of the footage. These tapes were made available by someone who is planning a larger conspiracy from behind the curtain," Swamy said, pointing his fingers at the AAP candidate from the Chandni Chowk Lok Sabha seat.

"I see the involvement of former journalist and AAP candidate Ashutosh. He may be behind providing these tapes and giving financial help to that website," Swamy said.