'I've zeroed in on the right career'

'I've zeroed in on the right career'


Model-turned-actor Raghu Mukherjee is thrilled about playing a cop in the Kannada film Akramana, which is entirely shot in the 3D format.

 “This is the first time I am playing a cop and I must say that I feel like a real cop when I slip into the uniform. I work out to stay fit and now, I’ve grown a moustache for the role,” he shares.

Raghu says he chooses his films according to the roles he gets and will not do just any role or compromise his skills to gain popularity. 

After his role in Savaari, he was offered a couple of films but he was keen on doing an action film someday. 

“I wouldn’t mind undergoing special training for the film. I don’t want to do mundane action sequences like blowing up cars or shedding blood. It would be nice to replicate some challenging and unusual stunts,” reasons Raghu. 

And that’s precisely what he has got to do in Akramana.
Raghu says that during the shooting, onlookers refused to believe that it was him. 

“I was wondering how I would pull off a moustache because people aren’t used to seeing me with one. But it’s a nice change,” he notes. 
He states that if there is one thing that he relishes, it is change. Raghu plays a cop who manages the jurisdiction in and around Chamundi Hills in Mysore. 

“I've worked very hard on my physique and more than anything, I am enjoying every bit of the transformation. People have always seen me play a rich, spoilt brat on screen or that of a lover boy but here is something I’ve never attempted before. The role has done well to bring out a side of me that even I didn’t know existed,” Raghu shares with Metrolife.  
Raghu is glad that he is doing something that’s more creative than modelling. 
“I think I’ve zeroed in on the right career. I have been getting offers from Tamil and Telugu industry but I am too fond of the industry here and the City to move out and explore,” he asserts.  
Raghu may have been slow in choosing projects but he has his hands full with Superro Ranga, in which he plays a substantial role alongside Upendra. 
He is also working on Aryan, in which he essays a man who owns a sports academy. 

“It’s a very straightforward character and acting with Shivarajkumar in Aryan was an experience worth recalling,” Raghu signs off. 

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