Putting his heart into art

Putting his heart into art


Putting his heart into art
He is all of 19 and has already started realising his dreams to get into art direction.

Bharath Narayan, a second-year student of Chitrakala Parishath who is studying sculptures, has lent his artistic touch and thought to several events, sitcoms, small films and documentaries.

He has been the art director of a sitcom and many small corporate and commercial films. He has also worked for popular events like TED, Construkt Festival etc. 

“I have been involved with art my whole life and when a friend of mine told me to do the art direction of a sitcom that he was making, I jumped at the opportunity. 

Art direction is all about enhancing the beauty of a particular space. It requires one to be extremely creative and think out of the box. 

Many a time, a film or project requires me to make installations, draw graffiti on the wall or add interesting themes. I try to think from the perspective of the audience,” he notes.

Has his background of studying sculptures helped? 

“It has helped me to a great extent. Sculptures are all about three dimensional space and how to make that space look perfect. Hence, it adds to my skill and sometimes, when I am asked to think differently, I borrow some of the concepts from sculpture making. I am interested in a wide range of things and am lucky to have been offered projects which stand out,” he notes.
Bharath has done the art direction of a sitcom called ‘Breakfast in Bangalore’ and a movie titled Bechara Mara Gaya along with a host of other small corporate films and different events.

“I usually have to know and study the subject that I am working on so that the sets don’t look out of place. For instance in  corporate films, the set should be done keeping the subject and look of the company in mind. But in the other projects, I can think creatively and use different types of concepts and themes. It is very rewarding and I am very happy with the kind of projects that have come my way so far. There are ups and downs. There are people who would want me to be more creative and then there are those who like my work and refer me to others. The bottom line is that I should be creatively satisfied,” he explains.
Ask him about his plans for the future and he instantly says that he would want to direct his own films. Once he has enough experience in the field, he will start working towards this. 

“I read up a lot on the different kinds of designs and art direction projects so that I am aware of the work that is happening around the world. I have to keep myself updated about the trends. I would also want to direct my own films. 
My parents were very skeptical about the kind of work that I used to get but now that they see me getting good offers and doing some good work, they are confident about my talent,” he sums up.