Winner all the way

Winner all the way

Strong Will

Winner all the way

 Mary KomShe has kept her  golden gloves on and the championships cups rolling in even through milestone events in her life like  marriage and childbirth. It’s hard to imagine that this mild mannered woman with her  slight figure and calm demeanour is a real terror in the ring flattening opponents with her well placed jabs and uppercuts.

What goes into the making of a championship woman boxer? “Determination, discipline, divine blessings and support from loved ones.” she says categorically.

Although an allrounder in sports she was drawn to boxing. “The 400-mts track,pole vault and javelin were my best events. I was however deeply inspired by Dingko Singh from my home state who returned from the Asian games in Bangkok with a gold medal and decided to try boxing for a change. I began in 2000 and my coach had me train with boys rather than girls right away.In just two weeks, I made tremendous progress and there has been no looking back since.” she says.

Life has been a struggle of the gritty young woman who had to fight prejudice and scepticism from those closest to her and balance motherhood to stay the course she chose for herself. In a voice choked with emotion she says, “ My own father insisted I give up boxing after I got married and had my babies. In spite of excelling at the sport it was still not enough to convince him that boxing was my life and something I took very seriously.”

Mary with her husband and twin sons.Boxing has taken her to places she never dreamed she would visit and her encounters with women from different countries have broadened her horizons tremendously. “My twin boys are my biggest blessing and also my biggest challenge. They are just two and a half years old. It’s really tough to manage them, they are all over the place, full of beans and are already trying to punch each other out ‘ she says with indulgent despair.
Her husband Onler, a former footballer is a great source of support and strength. “We fell in love, got married and soon after my twins were born.My husband works for an NGO and helps a lot with their upbringing. After training for several hours a day and managing two very hyper boys there is little time for anything else.

“We fall into bed simply exhausted.” she says. Diet is nothing very special just simple Manipuri food with minimal oil and spices. The Olympics in 2012 is her ‘Holy grail’ and there she hopes to achieve her life’s crowning ambition- an Olympian gold medal.