Don't stress over a vacation!

Don't stress over a vacation!

Don't stress over a vacation!

The pre-vacation days seem very stressful because we have all the routine stuff to do apart from all the extra stuff to get ready for the trip. A little planning and positive attitude can turn the tables, making it a fun and memorable experience, reckons Suja Natarajan.

You have been dreaming of ways to recharge and unwind on your holiday. But now that the d-day is close by, you are not really all that excited; you are running around getting stressed about almost everything. No matter how hard you plan ahead, sometimes, on the night before the vacation, don’t you end up wishing you could just stay back home?

The pre-vacation days seem very stressful because we have all the routine stuff to do apart from all the extra stuff to get ready for the trip. Women, perhaps, experience more stress than men due to their biological and mental makeup

Donning multiple hats as breadwinner and homemaker, women may find the list of tasks to complete before leaving for a break rather daunting.

Research shows that all the frenzied activities that line up days before the holiday can impact your immunity system and make you sick. Stress not only ruins a trip, but also creates mental and physical overload, fragments thinking and blurs decision-making abilities.

And a stressed person is not pleasant to be around and can kill the spirit of the
vacation. You certainly don’t want to be that person! Stop feeling frazzled. Take a deep breath and abide by these guidlines as you get set for a memorable trip:

Empty your mind

A survey demonstrates that most people report returning home tired after a
vacation, indicating that sleeplessness begins before the vacation starts. Dr Roger Cadieux, a clinical professor of psychiatry, says, “Most people pack the night before and go to sleep two hours later than normal, thereby adding sleep deficit right before the start of vacation.”

Worry and anxiety drain your body and mind. Empty your mind and remind yourself how amazing your trip is going to be. Drinking warm milk, taking a warm bath, or
listening to light music releases tension and can aid in getting good sleep.

Set realistic expectations

Vacations need not be perfect. Set a realistic expectation on the type of
vacation your family can take. Your expectations of a vacation could be
different from others in the family. Be willing to stumble on few setbacks along the way - from family bonding expectations to your kids’ behaviour.

Discuss what each family member expects in terms of rest, activities and plan accordingly. Enjoy the euphoria of vacation by putting aside differences. Setting practical expectations avoids disappointment and gives a better chance to enjoy your holiday.

Be an early bird

Studies show that travellers who plan ahead minimise their stress levels significantly. Most contented vacationers are those who spend at least a month working on their much-awaited getaway.

Stress, typically, emanates from lack of planning and organising. Preparing in advance will also save you money on expenses like hotels, airfare and other fun activities. Plan a budget and stick to it.

Going overboard with the holiday expenses will make you feel restless before you even leave for the vacation. Involve family members during the planning stage and bring in excitement about the trip.

Garner people’s help

Managing everything yourself does give you a sense of control. The flip side is high stress, anxiety and panic attacks. Your body and mind may be unable to keep up. Consider the question: Does it really have to be done by you? Delegation is the perfect antidote to stress.

Once you finalise the plans, determine what tasks and responsibilities you can delegate to your family. This includes tasks at home and work. Transportation arrangements, picking up gifts, packing meals and games are few things that you could delegate.

Avoid vacation burnout

It is not possible to see, do and experience everything in a few days’ time. Your
vacation will be like a marathon if you plan every minute of the trip. Instead, try maximising your family time during a vacation.

Prepare a flexible itinerary and ensure everyone in the family gets to do what they want to. Give room for spontaneity and let the vacation unfold itself to you. For all you know, you could end up with a funny and memorable vacation story to tell.

Disconnect from routine

You and your family deserve the downtime away from the routine. Make a commitment to unplug, leave work, worries and obligations, and spend time solely with your family. Disconnect from all channels of communication and do things that
encourage you to unwind and de-stress.

Sport a positive attitude and enjoy your vacation time while you can.

Your overall trip experience is determined by several things that happen before and after the vacation.

Despite the fact that you cannot prevent unexpected tensions that pop out of nowhere, with a little planning and a positive mindset, you can turn your family vacation into a wonderful experience. Happy journey!

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