Get a good night's sleep for fresh look

Get a good night's sleep for fresh look

Get a good night's sleep for fresh look
A good night's sleep is the best treat you can give your skin so that it looks fresh and glowing, says a make-up artist.

Jenni Shaw, who has worked with celebrities featured in some of the world most glamorous magazines including Cosmopolitan, More, GQ and Teen Vogue, agrees that cosmetics can spruce up a person's looks. But there's nothing better than a sound sleep, reports

"While make-up can create a range of illusions that modify a person's appearance, nothing compares with the benefits of a good night's sleep," Shaw said.
"Lack of sleep can have such an impact on the appearance of your skin - I should know I have a six-month-old daughter! Skin can appear dull, grey and dark circles surrounding the eye area can appear. 

Sometimes lack of sleep can result in blemishes on the face, or the opposite problem of dry patches," she added.
Here are some make-up tips one can follow for a fresh looking face:

* Using a good cleanser, toner and moisturiser every day can give a glowing complexion and create a good base for make-up. 

One should always go for Dermalogica skin care products, especially skin smoothing cream as an everyday moisturiser.
* Dark eyes from lack of sleep can be smoothed over by using a good eye treatment. Decleor have a brilliant cream that acts as an anti-ageing as well as lightening the under-eye area.
* For dark circles, Bourjois Healthy Mix Illuminating Concealer works by brightening the area and promises to be an anti-fatigue product. 

The light-reflecting particles in the concealer work to brighten the under-eye area.
* Healthy and hydrated skin is the secret to flawless make-up, but as far as make-up goes, there are some fantastic products to create dewy, glowing skin. 

Ginvera BB cream is a brilliant everyday product that leaves the skin smooth, light and hydrated.
* Exfoliate at least twice a week to get rid of all the dead skin cells. It helps brightening the skin.