Mirror, mirror on the wall...

Mirror, mirror on the wall...

Grand Gala

Mirror, mirror on the wall...

The Chivas Studio 2009, which was held in the City over the weekend witnessed a great turnout of fashion and art-lovers on both days. After all, when one of India’s biggest fashion events takes place in the City, does one expect the P3Ps to not turn up? So taking time off their busy schedules, the socialites made some time for an event filled with glamour and couture.

The guest list remained almost the same on both days. While the media had a tough time deciding whether one popular female socialite’s dress was worse on the first day or the second, the shutterbugs also had a field day photographing the finer nuances of the grand show — be it the designers who were showcasing, the supermodels flown in from Mumbai to walk the ramp or the P3Ps themselves. “Everyone knows my name,” declared one socialite proudly to our photographer.

Held at a newly-opened luxury hotel in the City, it was no surprise when the hot topic of conversation was the hotel itself. “It’s so beautiful,” said one socialite, where as other guests were spotted gazing out of the window admiring the terrace garden; or the several-floors tall, ivy-covered wall.

The second favourite topic of conversation was of course, the fashion and the designers, who were exhibiting — Surily Goel, Wendell Rodricks, Rohit Bal and Gauri-Nainika.

While a few art-lovers, who formed a minority, were seen admiring the works of artist Prabuddha Dasgupta and sculptor K S Radhakrishnan, some were heard discussing culinary preferences as scrumptious snacks were served. “I have become a good cook now,” one man was heard to another.

The models strutted in and out of the party area from their dressing rooms. Skimpily dressed yet looking nice, the tall and lanky models doing last minute preparations garnered a lot of attention too. Some of these models like Pia Trivedi and Nina Manuel, even came out to pose for the media. To sum up, as they say, all was well as it ended well.