Grace flowed in rhythm

Grace flowed in rhythm

Expressive Energy

Grace flowed in rhythm

The spirit of bonhomie permeated the atmosphere and was very evident as the well turned out gathering settled down for an evening of cultural exchange at many different levels.

Dominique Causse, Consul General of France in Bangalore, spoke on the need for the two countries to come together as people rather than nations with references to shared ethos, ideology, historical experiences and sacrifices like the French Revolution- and India's struggle for independence.

Governor H R Bhardwaj also spoke about the congenial relationship the two countries have shared over the years and referred to France as a genuine and reliable friend of India. “I am very happy to inaugurate the festival Bonjour India in Bangalore. It is an excellent platform to further promote close cultural ties between our two countries and promises to be a wonderful exchange of ideas and talent across borders,”  he said.

The highlight of the evening was the performance by Isabelle Anna, the well-known French Kathak dancer and her four-member troupe Compagnie Kaledans' Scop, named Opus a Kath. The performance was broadly divided into four parts. While the inspiration and style was Kathak, the choreography and skill beautifully reflected the universality of the language and spirit of dance across countries and continents.

The first sequence had Isabelle and Quincy Charles use the language of Kathak bols to converse with each other through a compelling and highly entertaining combination language, flirtatious expressions  and dance movements. Both dances combined their movements fluently and gracefully. Another part of the programme had elements of mythology from different civilisations like Greece, Egypt, India, Persia, Mycene and Crete revolving around the energy and vitality of the Bull or Taurus. There were flashing dance sequences moving from solos to duets, trios and quartets seamlessly integrating through Isabelle's unique choreography.

The well-known classic piece Bolero by Ravel was brilliantly interpreted by combining elements of Flamenco and Persian dances with the versatility of Kathak. The dancers with their expressive energy, flowing grace and contagious rhythm kept the audience rivetted with their performance. To the cries of Bravo!, they came back for curtain calls performing one last impromptu piece which was simply delightful in its sheer spontaneity. The other members of the troupe included Aurelie Oudiette and Benedicte Parvaz. The evening finally ended on a high note with members of the participating organisations sharing some warm fellowship and interaction before calling it a night.