Lightning claims 3 cattle

Last Updated 18 April 2014, 16:30 IST

Two cows and an ox was killed when lightning struck in Chikmagalur and Shanivarasanthe on Thursday. The ox belongs to Sathish in Kanathi village of Chikmagalur.

The lightning struck when it was grazing near a tree. A cow belonging to Venkatesh was also killed. 

In the last 24 hours, Kadur has received 20.5 mm rainfall, Yagati—29.6 mm, Singatagere—11.2 mm, Panchanagalli—26.2 mm, Sakharayapattana—50.2 mm, Jayapura—21.2 mm, Kammaradi—11.1, Shivani—16.1 mm, Thyagadabagi—17.8 mm, Hunasaghatta—16.2 mm rain. 

The shower has brought smile on the face of the growers as coffee plants have started flowering. The farmers have also started planting ginger in their field. 

Heavy rain accompanied with lightning lashed across Mudigere taluk. Following heavy rain, water has entered inside the houses in Kurkimakki, Venugopalaswamy temple and Thathkola road. Several trees and electric poles were uprooted in the taluk and a few villages remained in darkness following disruption in power supply. 

Lightning struck a tree, killing Varanus which was inside the tree at Abachoor. The varanus was weighing one and half kg. The movement of vehicles on Haloor-Mudigere road was disrupted when a huge tree fell on the road. Tiles of several houses have been damaged in the taluk. The asbestos of a house owned by Savitramma flew away in the gusty wind. 

The rain has disappointed black pepper growers as they were unable to dry the pepper in the sun. 


Lightning claimed a cow, at Bidanoor on Thursday night. The hybrid cow is owned by M S Nirvanappa. Shanivarasanthe experienced hailstones on Friday. Children were seen picking hailstones amidst rain. 

(Published 18 April 2014, 16:30 IST)

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