Legal hurdles still dog BBMP polls

Legal hurdles still dog BBMP polls

Even as the State Election Commission has announced the calendar of events for the elections, several petitions challenging the reservation of wards and unequal distribution of population in Palike wards have been filed in the High Court.

 At a marathon hearing before the High Court on Monday, over a dozen petitioners alleged that the reservation was not sufficient. A petitioner, Vasanthkumar submitted that only two out of the total 198 seats have been reserved for STs and the representation was inadequate. He sought to quash the notification dated 30th November specifiying the reservations in 25 various categories.

During the hearing, which went on for over four hours, the counsel for the petitioner Dr Ravi Varma Kumar argued that the reservation of wards was in blatant violation of the rules. As soon as the news on notification of calendar of events became public, Ravi Varma Kumar sought to initiate contempt proceedings against the SEC since the related matters are still pending before court.

Counsel for the SEC, K M Panindhra submitted the Commission will not take the defence of notifying the calendar of events in this case. He submitted that a memo will be filed before the Court on Tuesday.

The division bench comprising Justices V Gopalgouda and Justice Nagarathna has adjourned the matter to Tuesday.