Her hands are full

Her hands are full

Crossing Borders

Her hands are full

“I just got in to the movies to have a little fun. I didn’t think much before I signed Ganda Hendati and Boyfriend. Once it released, I got movie offers on similar subjects and I didn’t want to do anymore of them. That’s why you didn’t see me doing back-to-back movies,” said Sanjana.

She started with modelling when she was in grade 11 and went on to do advertisements. Having done more than 100 advertisements, she had no inhibitions facing the camera initially.

Sandalwood is not the only industry that has caught Sanjana’s attention. She has acted in many Telugu movies like Bujjigadu, Satyameva Jayate and Samarthudu. Speaking about her Kannada ventures, she said, “I have  three Kannada releases early next year, Ee Sanje, Shloka and an untitled flick with Nenapirali Prem,” she said excitedly and added, “I’m also doing a Malayalam film.”

Ask her if she can speak Malayalam and she said, “When I did my first Kannada film, I didn’t know a word of Kannada. It was the same with Telugu as well. But I’m blessed with good grasping power so I can learn languages easily. I guess I’ll manage the same way with Malayalam also. I’m really excited about doing a movie in yet another language.”

Going to Bollywood is a complete no-no for her. “My hands are full at the moment. I have no time to think about getting into the  Bollywood rat race. I’m from Bangalore and I
want to capitalise in Sandalwood because there is a lot of creativity in the movies made here. I’m passionate about the movies I do as it’s not just about the money,” she said.

Even top Bollywood actresses are doing ‘special’ songs in movies, like Preity Zinta doing one for Main Aurr Mrs Khanna. What is her opinion on doing something like that? “If they are special songs and I have a clear picture about how it will look once the final product is ready then I’m ok with it. It also depends on the director and choreographer,” she opined.

According to Sanjana, doing a role similar to the protagonist’s role in the Telugu film Arundathi is her dream. She said she liked everything about that character, the characterisation, costumes, script and direction. “The day I do a role like that, my life as as actress would be successful,” she said signing off.