People's Problems

People's Problems

Save trees on footpaths

Footpaths are being newly laid on both sides of 8th Main Road in Basaveshwaranagar and the work on either side of the road has been awarded to separate contractors. While the contractor responsible for the work on northern side has provided recess around the roots of the trees the same has not been done on the southern side. I have brought the matter to the notice of the contractor at least thrice but to no avail. Will the BBMP immediately take action against the contractor for willful negligence and ensure that the trees are saved?

Gururaj T S, BEML Layout, Basaveshwaranagar

Paint road hump

The stretch between ESI junction and entrance of underpass on West of Chord Road, Rajajinagar, needs urgent attention. The road hump immediately before the underpasss is not painted white (reflector) and this has been causing several accidents here. Speeding vehicles apply brakes suddenly on noticing the hump resulting in accidents. The problem is compounded during night time since the stretch is poorly lit. The traffic police is requested to take safety measures at the earliest.

Austin Diwakar

Scientific speed breaker needed

A scientific road hump is required at the entrance of Subbanna Garden opposite Vijayanagar TTMC, as heavy vehicles like BMTC buses from Vijayanagar and Mysore Road/ Chandra Layout ply at high speeds because of the absence of a road hump.It is difficult for pedestrians to cross the road as BMTC buses zoom past, without any regard for them. Will the BBMP/ Vijayanagar traffic police take action in laying a scientific road hump?

N Nanjundaswamy 

Ply ordinary buses
Following the introduction of Volvo buses, there has been a significant reduction in the number of red board buses plying from Richmond Circle towards Domlur, Manipal Hospital and other destinations. Volvo buses do not allow red board buses and hence regular travellers on this route are finding it difficult to reach their destinations. The BMTC is requested to look into the matter and ply more red board buses on the route.

Jagadeesh S

Noise pollution by BMTC buses

Due to the poor upkeep of their braking system, a large number of BMTC buses make very shrill screeching noise while halting at a bus stop. People residing nearby have to suffer a continuous onslaught of unbearable noise, particularly during late nights and early morning hours. Secondly, most of the BMTC buses are equipped with battery-operated high decibel horns which too cause noise pollution throughout the city. The BMTC authorities should immediately take steps to reduce noise pollution.

Kamal Laddha, Basappa Layout

Remove barricade near cable bridge

The designated crossing between the median that existed just before entering the KR Puram cable bridge near ITI township has now been blocked with barricades. This opening gave easy access for people commuting from KR Puram to Ramamurthynagar and other adjacent places. Blocking of this access has also affected commuters entering the bridge from that crossing. People have been made to ride that extra mile. So a few riders who always look to cut corners, recently took the wrong way to avoid the circuitous route, only to pave way for accidents. The barricades have been there for more than two months now. It is however understandable that it has been done with a view to regulate the traffic, but there has never been a policeman to stop the commuters taking the wrong way. The authorities concerned are requested to take note of this.

Deepak Prabhakar, student, Christ University

Repair road

The BWSSB dug the road at the entrance of Ramachandrapuram, next to BEL Market and before Gangamma Circle in Jalahalli, to carry out its work. However, the road has not been restored by filling the dug portion properly. Motorists are facing a tough time in negotiating this damaged stretch and many accidents are occurring here nowadays.

Ramaraja Urs

Provide fans

The satellite bus stations that have come up across the city do not have even a single fan. The passengers find it very difficult to wait for buses at the bus station sans fans, particularly during summer. Railways has installed fans its stations and the KSRTC should emulate them.

P S Ramesh, Mysore Road

Light up thisdark, isolated stretch

There are no streetlights between Doddagubbi Circle and Byrathi Bande on the Hennur - Bagalur Main Road. 

The road sees a high vehicular density as it is a highway. There are many residential layouts adjoining this road. However, there are no streetlights in the area. The locality lies on the outskirts of the City and is quite isolated. Residents, especially women and senior citizens fear to walk here during night times.

There is an immediate need to instal streetlights between the Kothanur - Doddagubbi Circle and Byrathi Bande. Also, a high mast light should be installed at the Doddagubbi Circle to avoid accidents.


Instal traffic signal to avoid mishaps

The crossing on the Bangalore - Mysore State Highway after Anchepalya is particularly dangerous. The crossing is near Byrohalli Road which is a link to many villages like Challaghatta, Hosapalya, Bettenpalya, Hunsemaradapalya and Hosabyrohalli. There are many educational institutions in the area which ply their buses. Also, there is frequent services of BMTC buses here. The fact that a temple is located on this road increases the traffic density. There have been many accidents at the crossing in the recent past. The authorities are requested to set up traffic signals to avoid any mishaps.


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