How to be creative

How to be creative

 People think, it is a special quality only the chosen few are gifted with. And that it is restricted to creating something big like painting, writing, music, dancing, sculpting etc.
But Creativity has nothing to do with any activity in particular. Creativity is creative energy that is the essence of existence. Watch this immense universe, can it be created without an inherent creative energy?

Everyone has the capacity to create, a woman making a delicious hot cup of coffee is using her creativity. A cleaner using innovating ways of keeping the floor spick and span is a creative person.

Actually creativity is the quality you bring to your work. What you do is not important, how you do it is. An  activity in itself is neither creative nor uncreative. You can paint in an uncreative way. You can cook in a creative way.

Creativity is is an attitude, an inner approach - how you look at things.

Osho’s emphasis is on making every moment of your life creative. We are part of this huge creativity called life, so being alive means participating in the festivity of creation that is going on every moment.

Osho says: “The first thing to be remembered: don’t confine creativity to anything in particular. If a man is creative, whatsoever he does, even if he walks, you can see in his walking there is creativity. Even if he sits silently and does nothing, even non-doing will be a creative act. Buddha sitting under the Bodhi Tree doing nothing is the greatest creator the world has ever known. Once you understand it, then the problem disappears. You become more divine as you become more creative.”

The more you drop your ambition, greed, competition, jealousy, the energy blocked in these destructive emotions will be available to you for being creative.

How to enhance your  creative  energy?

* Love what you do. Creativity means loving, enjoying, celebrating your work.

* Don’t hanker after recognition. If you enjoy the work, it itself is a great reward. You get so much joy out of it, you don't need any other reward from outside. Your heart is fulfilled.

* Do not attach value judgment to work, such as : cleaning is lower, painting is higher. Or ‘this is a woman’s job’ and ‘this is a man’s job’. No job has any label on it. Work as if this is the best thing in the world.

* Let meditation be at the center of your life. Meditation cleans the mind , rejuvenates and regenerates  the creative energies. Be meditative while you are doing everything -- whatsoever it is.