Out of the closet with a message

Last Updated 28 April 2014, 20:17 IST
Sshhhh...we can’t talk about it now’, ‘how can you ask me about sex?’, ‘we will talk about it later, mom will hear it’– these are the few things that we often encounter while talking about the most ‘taboo’ subject i.e., sex. 

Although discussing about someone else’s sex life is considered fine, but when 
it comes to our own, we shy away.

Even buying a packet of prophylactics from a medical shop is a most embarrassing exercise. 

But, why so? Aren’t we from the land of Kamasutra, the land of the magnificent Khajuraho temple, which beautifully and explicitly depicts the act of love between a man and a woman and the sexual mores of the medieval times ?

So, why this hypocrisy? However, going by the latest TV commercial on Durex condoms, boldly executed by none other than Ranveer Singh, stiff attitudes might relax a bit! 

Ranveer, who has done bold scenes in movies like Goliyon Ki Rasleela Ram-Leela and Band Baaja Baaraat, is now asking people to try Rex in the TV commercial – a unique dance move while urging the youth to talk more openly about safe sex by normalising their conversation. 

Taking a landmark step in his career, Ranveer has definitely gone a step ahead of his contemporaries and seniors who are busy promoting alcohol in the soft garb of ‘soda’ and soft drink brands.

According to ad-maker Chandramani Roy, the Durex ad has a nice concept and is looking good too. “Sex is still a taboo in our country. People still raise their eyebrows while hearing anything about sex. We are basically hypocrites, what we do inside our bedrooms, we can’t talk about it in public. Ranveer broke his ‘ad-virginity’ with this condom promotion and is asking people to talk openly about sex. He is a youth icon and the ad is basically targeting 
the youth.”

“This is the first time we are seeing an A-lister doing a condom ad, because actors are very image-conscious and talking about condoms is directly related to sex. Hence, they don’t do such ads. 

Doing a condom ad for Sunny Leone was perhaps easy, but, not so for Bollywood actors.

They just cannot take up anything to earn moolah. Everything is related to their image,” added Chandramani.

The condom brand together with Ranveer and a team of choreographers has developed a dance move called ‘Rex’ – a physical expression of joy experienced after a 
wonderful sexual experience. 

When you have great sex and you want to celebrate the divine experience that moved you, then you do the ‘Rex’, is the message behind the advertisement.

Nirmal Dayani, chief operating officer (COO) of DigitasLBi, the creative agency which made created the ad, said, “The idea was to create awareness around sexual well being, promote safe sex and feel the magic while doing it. The dance move in the commercial ‘Rex’ signifies the celebration of great sex. And Ranveer Singh was our bang-on choice because of his personality. He is bold, he is full of energy, a very positive person and a youth icon too. So, there couldn’t be a better choice than him. The ad is not casual, it just shows the magic of great sex along with love.” 

Pankaj Suri, a copywriter in an ad agency though, is not happy with the ad. 

“You can’t make a condon ad so casual. We are still not open about sex and using condoms. It is a still a very private affair. They are selling condom with glamour and not with purpose. We still haven’t reached that level where we will take sex so casually like the way Ranveer has done and has been shown sleeping with different women. They should rather show a condom ad with information about sexually transmitted diseases, unwanted pregnancies, rather than showing someone having sex with 10 women. We shouldn’t forget the purpose of making ad – keep it basic but effective.”

(Published 28 April 2014, 20:17 IST)

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