Trouble for traffic rule violators as cops sync with RTOs

DLs to be suspended as police get strict
Last Updated 29 April 2014, 20:38 IST

Talking on the mobile phone while driving will now lead to the suspension of the driving licence. For, the Bangalore City traffic police have become stricter in enforcing the traffic rules.

Apart from this, driving or riding on the footpath, autorickshaw drivers refusing to ply to the commuter’s destination, demanding excess fare and goods vehicles ferrying passengers will all result in suspension of driving licence, said a senior traffic police officer. 

The officer said motorists are often found being casual when it comes to traffic rules and get away by paying a fine. The move to suspend licences has made motorists think twice before flouting rules. 

“Flex boards have been put up at busy junctions, asking people not to break the rules. We are planning more programmes to bring about awareness among the people. Every day, there are thousands of people violating rules. But, nowadays there is a gradual reduction in the number of violators,” he said.

Additional Commissioner of Police (Traffic and Security) B Dayananda told Deccan Herald, “We are implementing these rules to bring order in traffic and reduce accidents. Those in the Regional Transport Authority (RTA) are also supportive. When we send the licence for suspension, they take a maximum of 15 days for formalities to be completed to suspend the licences.”

“After completing the licence suspension period, the individual can approach the RTO concerned, complete the necessary formalities and get back the licence,” he said.There is an increase in the density of vehicles due to the increase in population in the City, Dayananda said. 

“It is difficult for the police to manage traffic. Stern measures like these will help deter violators.”

An official at one of the RTOs said that though the process of suspending licences is adding to their regular work, it was a good initiative. He said, “Our department is ready to support the cause and will make sure that the City becomes free of traffic hassles.”

(Published 29 April 2014, 20:38 IST)

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