Studying in india

Studying in india

Dear Sir,

I am pursuing my final year BE in Biotechnology (8th sem).

I had long before made a plan of doing my MS in Genetics, especially Stem Cell culture and go ahead with PhD  abroad.

I also wish to be an entrepreneur in field of Biotechnology.

My current wish is to study more about the Marine biotechnology and as well pursue my wish to become entrepreneur. 

I am writing GATE exams in the month of February this year. What are the better options i can keep to pursue my career in?

I however do not have interest to do MBA as of now.I am highly confused as to which courses should i have to take up for marine biotechnology and stem cell culture?

what are the opportunities I can have and also,  which are the universities available in India and abroad for the same?

Pruthvi Avadhani

Dear Pruthvi

It is very nice to see your sustained focus and your desire to go deep into a fascinating subject like Biotechnology.

There was a recession in the last few years due to too many colleges and students qualifying in this field, but the shake-out is inevitable, and people like you who are genuinely interested and have a strong aptitude will be able to make a promising career.

Since you have an interest in Marine Biotechnology, look up the courses offered by Indian Maritime University (

It is better not to dilute your attention by going for an MBA at this stage, you can think of it after 3-5 years of work experience. 

The other reputed institutions where you can pursue your passion include IISERs, IITs, NITs, BITS Pilani etc. 

Most of them have their intake through GATE (Graduate Aptitude Test for Technical Education,, but do check out on individual websites also.

Dear Sir

I have completed my 2nd PUC ,I want to become a CA so I have enrolled for CPT. I want to do my B Com parallelly.

can you guide how should I do my B Com,whether in open university or by going to the evening college or by going to the regular college(9-4 pm).Some say that there is no value for open university,is it true?

A student

Dear Student

Institute of Chartered Accountants India (ICAI) has made it simpler to find out your aptitude towards CA, through the Common Proficiency Test (CPT) for which you have already enrolled. 

Right now it will be better to take admission in a regular college for B.Com (since Commerce classes end up by afternoon), take coaching from ICAI if you wish to, and appear for CPT. 

If you clear it in the first attempt, you know that you are CA-material, and can then switch over in 2nd year to Open University B.Com.

If you are smoothly progressing towards becoming a CA, then it does not matter if your B.Com is by distance learning. 

In fact B.Com is no longer a pre-requisite to become a CA.

On the other hand, if you do not do well in CPT, then give a rethink whether you would like to pursue other alternatives in the finance field, since CA is a highly competitive set of exams, and only a limited number are selected every year to qualify.

Dear Sir,
I have completed B.Sc in Fashion designing in the year 2011.

However I didn't pursue career in the same field but worked in a travel BPO in back office accounting.

I want to pursue my career in HR. Kindly advise me if one year PG diploma in HR would help me or should I start working in HR field as a fresher. Please help.


Dear Rini

In a way I am happy that you are exploring all options, and are trying to find the right field of your interest. 

On the other hand, since you have already looked into two vastly different areas, and are now thinking of a third one (HR) which is again completely different, this time do ensure that you have a strong aptitude towards that field. 

You can do this by talking to people already working as HR professionals, reading up books on the subject, and if necessary getting an aptitude test done.

PG diploma in HR is available as part-time course and also through distance education.

Taking up an entry level job in HR will certainly help you to understand whether you are making the right choice. 

Only if you are absolutely convinced and happy in your new field, you can consider going for higher qualifications either through an MBA or a PG Program in HR

Dear Sir,

I have completed MBA in HR in the year 2008 and have 5 years of experience in HR field.

Currently enjoying my motherhood period and have recently taken break from my career.

But would want to utilize this time in further enhancing my knowledge and would want to take up courses such as "Diploma in labour law and Industrial relationship" and "M Sc in applied psychology".

Requesting you to please suggest me with reputed university names with their contact details who would offer best distance education in the above field.

Vinutha Madhusudan

Dear Vinutha

Labour Law or Industrial Relationship courses would be suitable add-ons to your existing qualification and experience.

Doing such courses now through distance education will help you be ready to get back to full time work once your child is a little older. 

You can explore National Law School University of India, Indira Gandhi National Open University, Kuvempu University, Madras University, etc.

You can also consider doing a part-time evening course in Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan if you can spare a couple of hours per day.

Dear Sir,
I am going to complete my PUC (Arts). My subjects are history, geography, political science and economics. Is there any future in arts? Which is the course I can take up that ensures me a good future? Kindly suggest courses that have a lot of job prospects.
Amardeep, Bijapur

Dear Amardeep,

Job prospects keep changing, but those who are good at their work always keep moving ahead.

Definitely there is a future in arts. There are hundreds of careers, and you will get more confused if I just print a long list.

List out your attributes and skills, and match them to the right careers.

Just to give you an idea, the careers open to you include military and civil services, design, computer applications, languages, law, management, marketing, media, social sciences, entertainment and many more.

Dear Sir,

I am an SSLC student and want to study commerce in PUC.

Please suggest the combination I can take so that I can go abroad after my studies.
Aparajith, Bangalore

Dear Aparajith,

There is no combination that automatically helps you go abroad.

It is better for you to concentrate on your studies.

You will find doors of opportunities opening in India and abroad.

If you are good at Maths, I would suggest you take up the MECA combination as it gives you the widest choice later on.

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