Students Union reign supreme

Students Union reign supreme

Students Union reign supreme

 Students Union, winners of the Prasanna Kumar memorial football tournament in Bangalore on Wednesday. STANDING (from left): Abdulla, Shamshir, Sosthene, Bhaskar, John, Vinod, Lewis Anthony, Suraj, Philips, Avinash. KNEELING: Shamanth, Vikram , Tony, Nagendra, Surendra, Srinivas , Arun Kumar, Prasad. DH photo

Following their injury-time win over Department of Youth Services in Tuesday’s semifinal, Students Union looked in fine form.

Government Press, on the other hand, looked shaky in defence and even weaker when it came to finding the back of the net. Three minutes into the match, Students Union jumped into the lead with a goal from John.
Arun Kumar moved along the right and got past Dhanashekar.
He shot the ball in the direction of John, who directed the ball to the left hand corner of the net.

Students Union dominated possession and created a number of chances but had to wait till the 21st minute for their second goal.

Vinod made his way past a congested mid-field and essayed the ball to Shamanth, who stood some 20 yards from goal.

Goalkeeper Dada Farid Khan rushed forward but Shamanth did well to lob the ball over him and past the transfixed defenders.

The Pressmen pulled one back with a header from Vijaya Babu in the 38th minute.
Prem Kumar, who came in for Rahul in the 36th minute, powered the ball into the box for Babu to head past goalkeeper Tony.  Five minutes after the break, Students Union completed their scoring.

Philips rushed forward and powered a strike to the top left corner with his left foot, past the outstreched hands of Dada.

Government Press’ cause wasn’t helped when they were reduced to ten men in the 62nd minute after Goverdan was shown the red carded for a tackle on John.