As the train of thoughts flows

As the train of thoughts flows

As the train of thoughts flows

Creativity knows no bounds and that’s what this young group achieves every time it takes a project in hand.

 ‘Big Red Train’, a group of artistic college students, is into art direction, art productions, events, stage design, posters, promotions to name a few.

It all started thanks to a blog written by Bharath Narayan, a second-year student of Chitrakala Parishat. “I started interacting with many artists due to it and soon decided to form a team. The basic idea of the site is to form a train of ideas,” he informs.

Some of the works that they have done include art installations at the International Children’s Film Festival and designing at the Construkt Festival. They also helped with the recently-held ‘Story Hack’, a brainstorming session organised by Campus Diaries at The Entertainment Store on Church Street.

In fact, Bharath aims to help all creative people. “In the long run, I want to establish a forum for young artists where I can train and assist them,” he notes.

Bharath says the team keeps changing. “Not everyone likes to work on the same thing,” he opines. So it’s mainly him, Akshay Bhimaya and Narayan Nagarajan who work on most of the projects.

Akshay Bhimaya, a final-year student of animation at Jain College, has been a part of ‘The Big Red Train’ right from day one.

“I enjoyed working on the children’s film festival,” he says. He helped the team set the stage up at the TEDx talk at Christ University too. “We are just a bunch of artistes who do a lot of creative work. We don’t have a specific job for each person. All of us do everything,” he adds.

Gurpreet Kaur, who is pursuing BA Mass Communication in Christ University, is one of the newest members and loves “being a part of the train”.

“Bharath and I studied together in PUC and that’s how I learnt about ‘The Big Red Train’,” she recalls. “My current focus is on videos and I worked on the videos for ‘Story Hack’ and ‘Construkt Festival’,” she adds.

Her aim is to work on bigger projects. “I have learnt that what I like, everyone else may not. So keeping space for varied opinions is very important,” she informs.

Currently, the team is helping Bharath with his project titled ‘Silver Funnel’. “It’s a metaphorical film on conditioning. It’s about a father putting ideas in a child’s head, with the father being the society and the child being you,” explains Bharath. As the train of thoughts flows, each of the young artistes is just learning more and more.

“We do earn a little but we work more for the experience. We apply whatever we learn to academics. It’s a kind of training before the actual job begins,” he sums up.

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