A slice of Korea

A slice of Korea


A slice of Korea

For the Koreans living in the City, The Korean Bakery & Cafe, a small cosy bakery in Kammanahalli, is like a second home. 

   It is located slightly off the main road yet it’s totally worth a visit. Started by Leslie Fernandes and chef Jee Jun Goo (popularly known as Gadget among the people here), the place sells a variety of fresh, baked, delicious goodies that would probably be available only in Korea. 

Designed to save space, even the chairs and tables here are Korean in style. Says Leslie, who used to work as a production planner in Saudi Arabia, “We have a number of Korean, Japanese, Malaysian and Indonesian customers other than the Indian ones. Our machinery is from Korea and our items are fresh as we prepare them everyday.” The basic aim of the eatery is to provide authentic Korean goodies. “When we go abroad, we look for an Indian restaurant when we feel homesick. So the Koreans living in Bangalore who come here feel the same,” he adds.

The red bean bun and green peas bun are a must-try here. They are soft buns filled with sweet mashed red beans and peas respectively. Some of the other delicious items here are the sweet potato bread and coconut tule (a delicious crisp biscuit made from ragi and coconut). “To eat these, you probably have to go to Korea,” exclaims Leslie. Croissants, apple pie and lemon cake along with chicken and vegetable pizzas are some of the other items available here. The delicious and soft white rolls in a variety of flavours like blueberry are something to drool over. 

The place also supplies items to the canteen in Christ University and makes customised birthday cakes. Chef Gadget, who used to have a bakery and baking institute in Korea, is extremely happy with the response of the customers here. “When I first came to India and tasted the Indian bread that is roti, I really liked it and wanted to share the variety of Korean breads with Indians,” he explains. “When the Koreans living here come to us, they become so homesick and even squeal in delight when they find their favourite stuff. Besides, our stuff is healthy and health is wealth,” he adds. 

Lee Suyon, an expatriate from Korea, often goes there to pick up a whole bag of items. “I love the white roll. I like the items here so much that I don’t mind coming all the way from Yelahanka to pick these up,” she notes. 

Korean Bakery is located on #11, Fernandes Complex, 3rd ‘B’ Main, Ramaiah Layout, Near Ganesha Temple, Kammanahalli. It’s in the lane adjacent to Sukh Sagar. It is open on all days except Sunday from 9.30 am to 9.30 pm. For details, call 9686972228.