Mom's the word!

Mom's the word!

Mother's Day

Mom's the word!

A mother is the first teacher for most people. She’s the one who makes you smile when you fall and hurt yourself and the first one to pat your back when you walk in with that gold medal.

 On the occasion of Mother’s Day, which falls on Sunday, Bangaloreans and celebrities share some memories of their mothers and what they will be doing for them. 

   Youngsters like Rudolfus Dias vouch that his support system is his mother. “She is my guardian angel whom I approach before taking any difficult decisions. All decisions that I have taken after consulting her have been good for me,” he says. Mothers can be the best critics, agrees Sindhu Narayanan, a celebrity hair stylist.

 “Initially, it was difficult to understand why she approached things the way she did but I understood later that eventually, she was just making me stronger to face the challenges in life,” she says. She recollects that her ‘Mummy’ filled in for a sibling and a friend and they would have their arguments and share jokes. 

   Actress Ragini Dwivedi says that her parents have always been special to her. “It’s my parents’ 25th wedding anniversary and we are celebrating it on May 11. My mother will be dressing up as a bride and all our relatives and family will be there. It will be a big bash! My mother’s outfit for the day has been designed by Tarun Tahiliani and my father is wearing an Armani outfit and they’re going to be at their best, celebrating this landmark in their life together,” shares Ragini. 

   For actress Radhika Pandit, her mother (Mangala) is her best friend and she takes her to all her film shoots. “Whenever I need company, someone to laugh with, someone to complain to; she’s always there. I get homesick, so she accompanies me to all my shoots. She knows all my secrets, my every breath and move,” says Radhika. She adds that she’s shooting on Mother’s Day but since her mother will be with her, Radhika will try to spend as much quality time with her. “I will try to be at my best behaviour that day,” she says. 
Kannada star Srimurali recalls how Mother’s Day used to be at his household. “Whenever I think about the day, I remember that we did not know my mom’s (Jayamma) birthday for many years. So on Mother’s Day, we used to make mom cut a cake.” Srimurali says that his mom only deserves the best.
 “I know for a fact that all she needs from her children is their time and I will make it a point to spend quality time with her, doing whatever she wants to do. She’s content in life and all she wants is peace of mind and the best for her children,” says Srimurali. He adds that his mother likes shopping and so he will gift her a nice sari on the day.Celebrity mother-daughter duo actress Soundarya and Jayamala are inseparable. “My mother wasn’t just a role model in my life; she was everything.

 She helped me grow and taught me everything I know and in turn, I became who I am today. Whether it is on the professional front or personal, she does advise me,” says Soundarya. She says that her mother inspires her to be a good actress. “Mom had it all — commitment, passion and talent and I would want to have her drive, wisdom and confidence in everything,” she says. Soundarya says that on Mother’s Day, her mother deserves everything sweet – from breakfast in bed to spending the day just hanging out and talking. “Not to mention flowers! She deserves a lot of flowers,” she says.