Wow your guests with mocktails

Wow your guests with mocktails

FOOD fix

Flame Of Passion

(A nutritious mix of citrus flavour of orange mingled merrily with soothing carrots and vanilla)

This mocktail not only quenches your thirst, but increases your fibre intake, regulates circulation of blood in the body and protects your skin with antioxidants.


60ml fresh pineapple juice    60ml fresh orange juice 10ml Monin Elder Flower Syrup10ml lime juice

Method:  Add pre-blended fresh carrot juice and orange juice with vanilla syrup to a cocktail shaker with blocks of ice and shake hard for 25 seconds. Serving suggestion: Use a rock glass to serve it in and garnish with a curly strip of orange peel.Kiss Of Flame(A perfect tropical, vibrant potion combined with the flavours of pineapple, orange, raspberry, passion fruit and Asian spices)A guest-wowzer, this concoction can help strengthen bones, keep gums healthy, improve digestion and keep arthritis at bay.
Ingredients:90ml fresh pineapple juice30ml fresh orange juice 10ml raspberry puree 10ml passion fruit puree10ml lime juice1 slit chilliMethod: Add all the ingredients with few ice-cubes into the blender; blend for 25 seconds. Double strain into a glass.Serving suggestion: Use a hurricane glass to serve it in and garnish with a slit red chilli and mint sprig. Bliss(A delicate sip of cranberry, pineapple, ginger and lime) This liquid heaven prevents dental problems, kidney and bladder issues, skin problems and also, promotes weight loss.
Ingredients:60ml cranberry juice 60ml pineapple juice 4 basil leaves 10ml ginger juice 5ml lime juice Method: Add all the ingredients in to a cocktail shaker, shake well. Serving suggestion:  Use a beer pilsner glass to serve it in and garnish with pineapple blades.
(The writer is the director of bar  operations, HIGH Ultra Lounge)