Carry your attitude to work

Carry your attitude to work

killer looks

Personal hygiene

-Always take a shower before your shift. Use a good deodorant post this to avoid body odour.

-Use perfumes/colognes with a mild scent.
-Maintain fresh breath. Use a breath freshener/mouthwash after every meal.
-Well-manicured nails and pedicured feet speak volumes of your overall personality. All it takes is soaking your hands and feet in warm water with a spoon of shampoo for ten minutes, once a week. Use a nail brush gently and remove dead skin and dirt.
-Hair should be neatly combed and tied/pinned back to avoid it falling on your face. Never oil your hair during working hours. If you have an oily scalp, wash your hair thrice a week or use dusting powder on hair and brush well in case of emergency quick fix.

-Basic make-up of translucent powder, eyeliner, kajal and lip colour should be used.
-Mascara can be used to open your eyes up as long as it doesn’t give a messy look. Transparent mascara is best during the day to give the lashes a smooth finish. Avoid blue and green colours for eye make-up at office. Stick to basic black or brown.
-Foundation is not required. Just use a dash of calamine lotion as base or a gel moisturiser to protect your skin from the air conditioner in the office.
-Lip and nail colours used should be pastel and soft. Peaches, soft pinks and mauves are ideal for day shifts.
-Ensure your nails on hands and feet are well-maintained and clean. Nails should not be too long and pointed. Well-filed nails should be painted neatly. French manicure gives a stylish and soft finish to nails.
-Last but not the least. Wear a smile! Your grooming is incomplete without it. Maintain good posture and a pleasant expression at all times.

Kusum Jiandani also feels that five essential items must be present in one’s bag.
-Instant shoe shiner
-Safety pins
-Pocket mirror
-Wet tissue wipes