BU to award grace marks in semester exams

BU to award grace marks in semester exams

It will be a maximum of five per cent in each subject

BU to award grace marks in semester exams

The grace marks system of the Bangalore University, to help students clear their semester exams, will be implemented from May-June 2014.

 The proposal was approved in the university Academic Council here on Thursday. It is part of the university’s exam reforms.  

Accordingly, the “Regulations governing the award of grace marks in Bangalore University examinations” will apply to all exams conducted by the university. The idea behind this is to give a push to students who have been unable to clear the exams, falling short of one or two marks.

They will be awarded grace marks by borrowing from their scores in other subjects. As per the plan, the grace marks will not exceed one per cent of the total maximum marks of all subjects put together.

For instance, if a student has written the semester exam for 600 marks for six subjects, the grace marks awarded to him in that semester cannot exceed six marks. In each subject, the candidate is allowed two per cent grace marks.

 For example, in an exam for 100 marks, he will be allowed 2 marks as grace marks to help him pass the subject. However, if the candidate fails even after being awarded the two per cent grace marks, the candidate will be awarded an additional three per cent grace marks in that particular unit, provided he is able to clear the semester exam by being awarded the grace marks. The grace marks awarded in one paper will be deducted from other papers. 

In addition, the university has made provision for grace marks for declaring the class of results, i.e., first class, second class, etc. A candidate is eligible for 0.5 per cent of the total maximum marks prescribed for declaring classes. 

The Academic Council also approved the university’s proposed credit-based semester schemes in undergraduate and postgraduate programmes with an exit option. Students will have an exit option after completing two years.

They will be awarded ‘Diploma’ or ‘Associate Degree’. After completing three years, they will get their usual bachelor’s degree. On successful completion of four years (that is degree plus one year masters programme), students will be awarded bachelors with honours degree.

If the candidate completes both years of PG, masters degree will be awarded. “If any student has a pressing personal situation that does not allow him to complete the term of the degree, he will at least get a certificate and he can come back and complete the degree later on,” university V-C Prof B Thimme Gowda said.