Except one, most exit polls off the mark

Except one, most exit polls off the mark

Except one, most exit polls off the mark

Most of the exit polls conducted by various agencies proved to be off the mark except the one which projected 340-odd seats for NDA and 291 for BJP in particular.

NDA has won 336 seats in the elections, with BJP's tally being 282.

Today's Chanakya that had conducted the exit poll for News 24 channel on May 12 had projected 340 for NDA and around 70 seats to UPA, with an error margin of plus or minus 14. It proved by-far the most accurate projection among different pollsters.

The Congress-led coalition has won 59 seats.

It gave 70 seats to BJP in UP. The party got 71 while its ally Apna Dal got two.

The exit poll had earlier predicted that Aam Aadmi Party would garner over 30 seats during the assembly elections in Delhi last year. AAP got 28 seats.

The agency had projected a total of 291 seats for BJP, while it gave 70 seats for the ruling UPA.

It also forecast 133 under the others category on May 12 soon after the polling ended after completion of nine phases.

In comparison, the poll on Times Now, conducted by ORG, predicted that NDA would get 249 seats and gave the UPA 148 seats. The CSDS for CNN-IBN predicted that NDA may get between 270 and 282, while UPA was projected to get between 92 and 102.

BJP alone was projected to get between 230 and 242 while Congress was projected to get between 72 and 82 by the same poll.

The ITG-Cicero for Headlines Today projected that NDA would get 272 (plus-minus 11), UPA would get 115 (plus-minus 5) and 'others' 156.

C-Voter survey on India TV gave NDA 289 seats and 101 for UPA and 153 for others.
In the NDA, 249 seats were projected for BJP and 40 for its allies. In UPA, 78 seats were projected for Cong and 23 for its allies.

ABP News-Nielson poll projected a clear majority for NDA with 281 seats while UPA was projected to get 97. 'Others' were projected to bag 165 seats.

ORG gave BJP 52 seats in UP and 10 to Congress.

Today's Chanakya gave 70 seats to BJP, while CSDS predicted 45-53 seats for it and C-Voter gave 54 seats in the biggest state.