Bright shades for the season

Bright shades for the season

Peter England’s latest line is colourful, vibrant and unique. The brand believes in optimism and that is reflected in every garment. 

Creating something unusual 

The design team of the brand works towards creating concepts rather than just making and marketing a product. Care is taken to understand the changing trends through regular market research. Nidhi Raj, creative director, Design and VM Peter England, Madura F&L, observes that fashion is changing at a frantic pace and the brand works almost a year in advance to make sure it doesn’t lag behind in offering its customers the best in men’s wear.

 Talking about what’s in, Nidhi observes, “Solids and self textures are most prominent this season. While checks are taking a backseat, stripes and prints are slowly emerging.” 

Men have certainly started to experiment with different colours. They’ve come out of black, blue, grey, white and are exploring options in red, pink and yellow.

 Commenting on this trend, Nidhi says, “The environment both at work and home is rapidly changing. Many young migrants, who leave their home town to come to a different city to start their career, are keen on looking good.” He further observes that people nowadays often go to places like spas, movie theatres and coffee shops and feels that this affects their taste. “This can be seen in the bright coloured clothing that they wear,” he adds.  

Nidhi states that ‘The Spring-Summer 14 Collection’ of Peter England draws inspiration from the concept of a ‘green summer’ and sustainability. “The collection displays a vast range of young, vibrant yet sophisticated and smart apparel for men. Comfortable, trendy and contemporary, our line is all about the fresh forest hues of green, lime and emerald this season,” he pitches in. 

About what sets the brand apart from its competitors, Nidhi states that there are certain designs exclusive to the brand. “In this already existing plethora of jean players, our brand invented an innovative stone washing technology which enabled us to save 80 litres of water for each pair of cool blue jeans. Our innovation in jeans is the first-of-its-kind,” he adds.  

Like women, men too make efforts to match clothes to the accessories. Nidhi thinks that accessories for men are increasingly becoming a mainstream item. “Accessories help define one’s personality. We have a great range of bags, ties, wallets and belts and are looking forward to expand our portfolio significantly in this space,” he sums up. 

Kevin Prichard, final-year business and marketing, International School of Business Management, wore plain blue pants and matched it with a casual white shirt . 

Punchline: “The clothes are very summery and comfortable. They are perfect for hot weather. The colour, fit, style and design are perfect. This outfit is apt for a Sunday brunch or an evening out with friends.”

Price: Shirt (Rs 1,599) and trousers (Rs 1,499)

Sachin Singh, third-year civil engineering, Acharya Institute of Technology picked up a white T-Shirt and paired it with blue denims. 

Punchline: “The T-shirt fits well and the design is in keeping with the taste of today’s generation. It could be worn to formal and informal events alike. And the look is enhanced when matched with dark denims.” 

Price: T-shirt (Rs 699) and denims (Rs 1,699)

Bunty Rana, final-year MBA, College of Management Studies, slipped into a clock stoppers T-Shirt and matched it with brown shorts. 

Punchline: “The blue T-shirt is a good contrast to the brown shorts. This is not only a perfect summer outfit but it could also double up as beach wear. The brand has some great clothes with a great style.” 

Price: T-shirt (Rs 899) and shorts (Rs 1,099)

Ethen Parker, final-year animation, Animation Institute, wore light turquoise coloured linen trousers and a checked shirt. 

Punchline: “The big checks on white are attractive. Linen is a popular choice for a lot of people who want to stay cool this summer. I find the combination quite striking.”

Price: Shirt (Rs 1,699) and trousers (Rs 1,899)

Aqib, final-year, BBM,  Indian Academy Degree College, picked up a green T-shirt and matched with a checked half-sleeves shirt and dark coloured faded jeans. 

Punchline: “The green T-shirt gives a bold look for the summer and can be worn by itself. The look is best suited for a sunny day and the prices of all the clothes here are reasonable.” 

Price: T-Shirt (Rs 499), shirt (Rs 1,399) and denim (Rs 1,399)