An array of books

An array of books

Annual fair

An array of books

leafing through People at the fair.

Since then, the fair has become a much-awaited annual event for book lovers across the City, who want to pick up great titles at affordable prices,” says Vidya Virkar, owner of Strand Book Stall, who’s annual book fair is a Mecca for bibliophiles of every description. “Due to the metro work, the location has changed from Chinnaswamy Stadium to Basava Bhavan. However, we have made arrangements with the police for adequate parking so that shoppers are not inconvenienced,” she emphasises.

 There is a cornucopia of books covering academia, technical manuals, light reading, self help, spirituality and children’s literature to name just a few topics. “The best part is that they are available at very attractive discounts (40 per cent to 80 per cent), and one can browse through stacks from health to cookery, art and architecture to literature and find books that are not available at regular book stores during the year including Strand. I personally never miss the sale and this is my second trip since it opened,” says Sushma Basvaraj, who was looking for a particular author on Feng Shui.

Preetam, an architecture student usually buys books online when he is not browsing through book fairs. “I find fairs the best places for good bargains and for a range and variety that you can only get online otherwise. However, you do end up paying full price for the books as well as shipping costs. Besides, there is nothing quite like the actual feel of the book,” he says.

“I believe in gifting children with books instead of games at birthdays, so I usually pick up a whole lot in advance to last me a while. The books here are of an interesting range and it saves me shopping time later, though I do find it hard to give them away and end up keeping many of them for my own kids,” says Maithri, mother of twin second graders.

Vidya says that six months of preparation and planning goes into the fair adding,“It has become a tradition and ongoing interactive exercise with our customers. We do our best to give them the biggest variety at the best prices.”

The fair is on at Basava Bhavan till December 13.