City expects Modi to deliver 'achche din'

City expects Modi to deliver 'achche din'

The lotus has finally bloomed all across the electoral landscape of India. After months of scathing criticism of UPA government, Anna Hazare’s watershed hunger strike, formation of Aam Aadmi Party and finally an electoral blitzkrieg by the BJP, Narendra Modi has  emerged as popular choice for the country’s top post.

All through this tumultuous period that also witnessed a lot of personal attacks on the four-time Gujarat Chief Minister, specifically for the 2002 riots, the youth of the country lent him their unstinting support.

At least 2.31 crore first-time voters spoke their mind in the Lok Sabha elections and they are widely credited with Modi’s ascent.

Metrolife decided to speak to some young voters on what their expectations are from the Modi’s government now that ‘achche din (good days) are here, finally.’

Corruption, predictably, is the biggest concern. Kanchan Gupta, a DU student, says, “I think our country was, anyway, always famous for bribery and scams.

Each year, Transparency International reports ranked us, shamefully, below countries like Pakistan and Bangladesh. But UPA took it to new heights.The 2G scam, Commonwealth Games scam and now Coal scam made us the most prominent country on the world map of fraudulent state dealingsI really hope Modi purges our country of this taint and brings home clean governance.”

The state of law and order and protection of women and children is another issue on top of everyone’s mind.

Ashok Kumar, an advertising professional, feels recent incidents like the December 16, 2012 gang rape brought a lot of disrepute to the country and “now, the government-elect should not just do something about it, but also be seen doing it. You travel to any country in the west, women are treated with respect. Eve-teasing is an alien concept to them. If we aspire to be a world power, we must cure this mindset,” he says.

Inflation, lack of development, ‘policy paralysis’ and unemployment are also weighing on youngsters’ minds. Purnima Mishra, a banking executive, says, “Modi has come into power with a thumping majority in many states like UP and Bihar. He must do something to curb unnecessary politics and bad governance there. Delhiites don’t feel the need to go out for job. Why do we, those from Bihar and UP, have to leave our families behind to look for work?”

Her colleague Manisha Mishra says the PM-designate must bring his ‘development magic’ to India, “So far, we have seen it in Gujarat. Now, India is anticipating the same.”

GP Bhadra Das, a development professional, lauds Modi’s ‘Clean Ganga’ initiative.

“So long, we have only talked about environmental issues like cleaning Ganga and Yamuna, but nothing concrete has been done. As a development professional, I have seen crores of money going down the rivers in the name of cleanliness drives with no
results. Modi’s talk about cleaning Ganga is heartening. I hope, unlike others,
he delivers.”|

Baishali Adak