Where the voices come alive

Where the voices come alive

Blogging culture

Writing, as they say, is a way for people to express their innermost feelings. But not everyone can become a published writer.

The online world of writing, however, is a great way for the youth to voice their opinion and make use of their right to freedom of speech. Blogs have developed over time as people feel that they’re a good forum to showcase one’s talents and views. With the help of social networking sites like Twitter and Facebook, the blogging world has expanded even more as one can link their blog to their social media page and get an even bigger audience to hear what they have to say. 

Blogs can be about anything – from cooking recipes to fashion to politics. Soumya, a blogger, says, “Blogging is a good way to express yourself. It’s almost like a whetstone where your writing gets criticised by the internet and if it’s good, you publicise it. There are also unoriginal pieces of work that don’t make sense but get famous because of well-planned publicity.” 

Blogs have now become more visual. Youtube is a great forum for video blogs or ‘vlogs’ and one can post opinions on these videos, which can be both funny or serious. But the feedback that one gets is instant. 

These vlogs also helps in explaining concepts or answering questions on how something is done. In that case, it’s better to see the visual aspect than read about it. “Blogs along with video blogs give a personal opinion and makes people confident in sharing this opinion,” says Diya Jagannath, a blogger. However, she adds that she prefers putting up video blogs than writing. 

Apart from blogging, the new way that people have found to express themselves is through posting and publishing their work on sites like ‘Wattpad’ where you can not only publish your opinion but also put up stories and poems. 

“I think it is an amazing way for young and aspiring writers to get exposure and to just express one’s views on creativity. The feedback you get is good to push a writer to work harder,” opines Nishma Jeawon, a blogger. 

Another aspect is fan fiction, which is getting popular these days. Everybody has a celebrity that they’re a fan of and thus fan fiction has also emerged, which are stories about characters or settings written by fans of the original work rather than by the original creator. They interchange roles and put other favourite characters in different situations and these types of stories bring a new edge to writing. 

“The writing experience is excellent. I feel like I can reach out to people of different cultures. I feel that this is important for a writer,” says Apoorva, who regularly posts stories on her blog.

As the saying goes, ‘writing is a window to the soul’. Everyone has something to say and one of the best ways to put it across is by blogging about it!

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