'Dhruva is an amazing actor'

'Dhruva is an amazing actor'

'Dhruva is an amazing actor'

Actress Sanjjanaa can speak more than nine languages. She has dubbed for some of her Telugu projects and thinks that in addition to working hard, it is her ability to dub that has helped her get a lot of projects.

The 24-year-old has a couple of releases lined up in Kannada and Telugu in which she has acted with some of the biggest names from the film industry. “You can’t afford to falter when you are working with established actors. They expect nothing short of professionalism from you,” Sanjjanaa tells Metrolife. 

On the film front, she has ‘Rebel’ in which she plays an NRI girl. Sanjjanaa will also appear without make-up for the role of a slum dweller in ‘Mandya to Mumbai’. 

 “It is one of the toughest roles I’ve played till date. We shot in real slums and there were times when we had trouble controlling the crowd. But it was quite a rewarding experience,” she adds. This project, says Sanjjanaa, is her attempt at going de-glam.

 “I’ve proved that I can play de-glam roles equally well,” she states. Her next project ‘Bangalore 23’ features the team of ‘Karnataka Bulldozers’ and Sanjjanaa plays the love interest of Dhruva, the hearing-impaired player of the team. In the words of Sanjjanaa, “Dhruva is an amazing actor. It is a privilege to be a part of the project and play the love interest of Dhruva. He is my favourite player and can give any actor a run for his money. He is that talented.”

Was acting opposite a hearing-impaired actor a challenge? She answers, “I don’t think so. Dhruva is brilliant and can instantly catch anything being said about him. Even if you are teasing him, he knows it and takes everything sportingly. And I must add that his sense of decency towards women is remarkable.”

 Sanjjanaa has not shied away from experimenting with roles and projects. She believes it is this willingness that has got her so many projects in such a short span.