Bite into some buttery delights

Bite into some buttery delights

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Bite into some buttery delights

Couched in JP Nagar is a venture solely running on the talent of one woman who can create delicious baked delights. ‘Butter and Love’ is the answer to any cake lover’s calls. 

For owner Kalpana Pradeep, it all began when she quit her corporate job and took up her long-standing passion. “I was always interested in baking even when I was in school. The first cake which I learned was from my mum and baked in a pressure cooker. Then I began experimenting with them and baking for my family.

 After I quit my job, my husband encouraged me to take up my life-long dream of baking professionally and now, here I am,” she says. ‘Butter and Love’ boasts of traditional cakes such as the whipped cream cakes, fondant cakes, red velvet cakes with cream cheese, fruit-based cakes, chocolate cakes, fruit and chocolate cakes, lemon and orange chiffon cakes, oreo cakes and mini cupcake versions of the same as well.

Added to this are an array of other baked delights such as pies, donuts, cinnamon buns, tarts and truffles which are made on request. 

“There are people who have been exposed to the ideas of fondant and sugar crafting and now I do that as well,” she says, stating that she experiments with her cakes depending on her customers’ preferences. Health freaks have an option as well as she specialises in whole wheat cakes that have bananas, carrots and nuts as well as oat cakes. 

Vegetarians are also taken into consideration as the cakes can be ordered to be The USP of her baking, however, is the fact that she’s married her talents of baking and fine arts. “Children usually come up to me with a character they like and I draw on the cake for them. It’s all hand-painted and natural,” she says. 

“I take pride in the fact that there’s no customer ever who’s come back to tell me they didn’t like the cake. 

Appreciation and acceptance of customers is my biggest priority. I pay attention to what they are like and then add all those elements to the cake,” she says.
    “I have people coming back to me, year after year, to bake for their birthdays and their family and friends,” she adds. 

   Children are most fond of her work. Hasmitha (10) and Surabhi (12), swear by her cakes. “They’re soft, moist and really tasty. She’s always made our birthday cakes.” Surabhi elaborates, “I had her pineapple cake the other day and it was the best.” Kalpana, who bakes at home and has taken several baking classes to hone her skills, speaks of her only limitation so far.
 “I have not begun delivering my cakes as of yet but my customers have always come to pick their orders up personally with no qualms,” she says. 

She adds that since she’s the only baker behind these creations, she gets to pay special attention to hygiene and perfection. Kalpana takes orders at all times. For details, call 9902677973.