Now, differences among members of pro-memorial

Now, differences among members of pro-memorial

Close govt schools with few students: De Javaregowda

A press meet organised by the faction in support of the transfer of Maharani’s New Type Model School (NTMS) to Ramakrishna Ashram brought to fore the differences among the members, here on Monday. 

During a press meet, writer Malali Vasanthkumar said that both the factions were pro-Kannada, but there was a minor ‘difference of opinion’ among the two. As a measure of providing an amicable solution, he said that it would be possible to operate a school and memorial from the same premises. 

“The protesters who are against the transfer of NTMS property should relax their stand and demand for a school and memorial at the same venue,” he urged. Other members of the faction, who were present at the meet, immediately opposed the statements made by the writer and said that only a memorial should be established at the premises.

Also, writer De Javaregowda stirred up the hornets’ nest by suggesting that the State government should close government schools with less students. During the meet he said that such schools were causing losses to the State exchequer.

Reiterating his stand that a memorial of Swami Vivekananda should be built at NTMS, he said that the memorial would serve a ‘good purpose’. “When Bangalore-Mysore railway line was built, several old buildings were destroyed. Demolishing NTMS too would be a similar loss,” he said.

Sadvidya property

When questioned why the members were not seeking properties wherever Vivekananda had delivered sermons in the city, including Sadvidya PU College premises, former MLC Madegowda said that they would try and seek the property of Sadvidya College, if need be. Vivekananda had delivered sermons for more than a week at the venue. He said that building a memorial at NTMS was a Central government decision, and was not taken by local representatives.