A French toast to the taste buds

A French toast to the taste buds

Out in City, braving the scorching heat, it is difficult to find a place that promises to serve delectable French cuisine. But as one manoeuvres the winding path near Moolchand flyover, the simplistic outdoor of Le Bistro du Parc appear pleasing and welcoming.

Inside the blue doors, the manager Nick Harison welcomes with a warm smile and places a blackboard in front, for us to choose the drink we want.

Quite amazing to land in a place that is a bistro not just in name but also in set-up.

Honestly, this place serves excellent French cuisine at comparatively much lower rates than any eatery in the upscale Hauz Khas Village or Gurgaon’s Food Hub!

As Nick hums and pours water in our glasses, we decide to get started with Desi Summer, Cucumber Cooler and Cold Coffee.

As the concoctions get prepared at the bar, one shortlists the dishes from Les entrees (starters) and Les Plats (main course).

Though the names are long but their formulation sounds interesting as Nick explains each with patience.

Metrolife learns the importance of ‘knowing your dish before you order’ in the traditional European culture.

Soon Chef Alexis Gielbaum appears from the kitchen to serve beautifully plated appetisers.

A spoonful of quinoa from the dish Quinoa tabo­uleh with sauteed lambas and the mouth is filled with fresh quinoa tossed with bell peppers in lemon juice and balsamic.

Along with this, the average-sized prawns are juicy, not overdone and full of flavours.

“These are sauteed in French hot pepper called espelette which is originally from south of France,” informs Chef Alexis while serving Pan-fried calamari and Citrus-cured gravolax with grapefruit and beetroot vinaigratte.

Like other dishes the calamari has fresh vegetables such as cherry tomatoes and baby potatoes along with loads of garlic.

Prepared in olive oil it retains its typical chewy texture and makes way for the tender gravlax (comprising raw salmon).

Balanced with the sugary taste of beetroot vinaigrette, the gravlax co­oked with grapefruit is a new and surprising experience for a Delhiite’s taste buds.

The dish, garnished with shredded pink radish hints at the expertise of the chef in using the core ingredients of every dish to garnish.

A sip of the drink Desi Summer leaves one craving for more.

Nothing short of a hot concoction of chilies, orange, mint, pomegranate and lime, the drink gives a sweet and later a slightly sour taste. A desi punch in the true sense!

When visiting this place, order only what you like.

If you like liver then the dish Chicken liver parfait prepared with figs can be an unforgettable experience of international cuisine.

Similarly, in the mains, the Lamb confit with red onion jam and glazed vegetables should be ordered if only you are a meat eater.

Even the vegetables served along with the main dish are paid due attention and are deliciously crisp, as in Pan-fried chicken breast, crispy legs with Risotto Cromesquis.

The dish is a perfect balance with light chicken breast on one side and crisp chicken legs on the other. In the centre are placed risotto balls prepared in typical white wine over slow fire, that enables them to acquire a gooey taste due to lots of parmesan.   
A burst of flavours in the mouth make it difficult to decide on one dessert. Therefore, one chooses Valrhoma chocolate Rocher and Crepes Suzette.

The rich chocolate sauce in the former hardly leaves space for the caramel
in the latter to be relished with zest.