Much ado about nothing

Much ado about nothing

This is the age of ‘days’ and ‘movements’. There are days for every conceivable thing, like Valentines Day, Mothers day, World Heart day and so on. ‘Movements’ span from save earth movement to movement for ban on cow slaughter. The newest addition to this ‘moving’ list is the ‘Shave India Movement’. Launched by a group of young women calling themselves “Women against Lazy Stubble”, WALS for short, the group has actresses Minissha Limba, Neha Dhupia and Mugdha Godse as brand ambassadors.

Their mission statement: “If men don’t shave, they shouldn’t expect women to groom themselves either. If men can’t spend a mere five minutes to shave, then will they do anything else? Why can’t men spend a mere five minutes to look civilised and groomed? We are here to tell them that we care. If they don’t do it, then we won’t either”.

Now, this surely is a matter of serious consideration for men. Undoubtedly, an immaculately groomed man does set many a female heart aflutter. The logic here seems to be that an untidy and dishevelled man is a sore sight for female eyes. At the same time, one wonders whether these women are unaware of issues that are of special concern to women, or are deliberately ignoring it since it is not fashionable.

Female foeticide, maternal malnourishment, dowry harassment, indecent portrayal of women in films, attacks on women and so on. These issues are left for NGOs and women’s groups. Polite noises are periodically made about animal rights, vegetarianism, dowry, etc, but that’s about all.

The glam girls of films have made it to parliament. What has been their contribution to women’s issues, let alone public causes? Why don’t these worthies raise their voices against scantily clad models posing for anything from advertisements for soaps to car and cellphone launches? The annual calendar of a leading company is replete with models in minimal clothing with the surf lapping at their feet in exotic foreign locales. Not a whimper heard here, because it’s all about big money, fame and glamour. Of course, drooling males will surely disagree, but then, an unshaven male is no match for a curvaceous figure!