Monsoon expected to be right on track this year

Monsoon expected to be right on track this year

Monsoon expected to be right on track this year

Deficient rainfall in the region during previous monsoons had resulted in drought situations in several taluks of the region.

However, more than average rainfall in pre-monsoon season has raised hopes of a favourable monsoon this year.

The pre-monsoon showers too were not up to mark in the months of March and April.

However, good spell of rains, especially during the second half of May has made up for the deficiency experienced in March and April.

This has helped the farmers in Mysore and Chamarajanagar districts, where sowing for crops are done prior to monsoons, said C N Prabhu of Karnataka State Disaster Monitoring Cell.

According to data by Indian Meterological Department, South Interior Karnataka region, which includes Mysore, Mandya, Hassan, Kodagu and Chamarajanagar districts, received 34 per cent excess rainfall during the pre-monsoon season from March to May.

Among the said districts, Hassan received maximum rainfall when compared to others districts in Cauvery basin, with 246.8 mm of rainfall, against an average of 168 mm, resulting in an excess of 47 per cent.

Mandya district received 22 per cent excess rainfall, with 192.7 mm of rains against an average of 158 mm.

Kodagu recorded 11 per cent excess rainfall, with 290.6 mm rains, against an average of 260 mm. Rainfall in Mysore was in excess by six per cent, with the district receiving 207.1 mm against the average of 194.7 mm.

Though rainfall in Chamarajanagar district was better when compared to previous years, rainfall was deficient by nine per cent. While average for the district during the pre-monsoon season is 213.6 mm, it received 194.6 mm during the year.

Prabhu said that pre-monsoon showers in the month of May was in excess of the rains recorded in the last few years.

“Even though statistics show that pre-monsoon showers were less than normal by a marginal percentage, it will not hurt sowing activities in the district,” he said.

Speaking on the rainfall in Hassan, drought hit taluks too received good pre-monsoon showers, as reflected in the overall rain pattern of the district.


He said that South West Monsoons were expected to enter Kerala between June 5 and 7. Two days after that Karnataka too would receive monsoon showers.

“Conditions are favourable for a normal monsoon this year,” he said.